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Website is most important for the businesses these days. Every business that do have website must understand the real purpose of having a website. Website is not only to give information about the product or service to the people but also to attract more visitors. Yes, the purpose of a business website is not just to communicate with the people but to attract them so that they can be converted into potential customers.

Custom web design increases Conversion rate

The website that does not have good conversion rate is just vain. Such websites are purposeless. When the business defines the purpose of website it will start to find the ways to increased conversion. Talking about increased conversion, the custom web design is more advantageous than the web design using templates.

Custom web design is a smart investment

Obviously, a lot of content management system companies have come and offering numerous templates to design a website with customizable options. As far as customization options and investment is concerned many people choose template based web design. But custom website design is a best investment you can do as it benefits your business. Let’s see why it is so.

Be Unique, Be Beautiful

Custom web design gives amazing unique look to your website. It makes your brand looking unique and you do not have to fit your business logo or website design into the existing template. You can create a web design that no other brand or business has. The outcome is pretty good that it attracts the people a lot thereby increases conversion. The uniqueness of your web design sells your brand.

Higher the visibility, higher the reach

In order to increase the visibility of your business or brand, you need to concentrate on SEO. Search Engine Optimization is a process that takes your business website and displays in the top results of search engine results. It drives traffic to your website in the organic way. Custom web design is the best way to boost SEO as effective HTML coding can be written to make your site more SEO friendly. Search engine standard HTML code will enhance your website’s exposure. Of course, this will increase conversion undoubtedly.

Effective for customer-centric website

Again, the main intention of having a business or brand website is to attract the customers. In such a perspective, custom web design is best to build customer-centric website. Be it the UI and the functionality of the website to engage the customers, custom web design is highly effective. You can build as you like it to increase conversion rate rather than building your site as per the template.

Team fulfills your dream

The best part of custom web design is that you will get a team that work for you anytime to keep your website updated. With a custom website design, you can modify and update your website anytime without taking much time. The website design team will take your concerns and work it out immediately as it is not hectic to make changes in the custom design.

As you keep updated, the chances are high to attract new customers and also to retain the existing customers.  When the people find something new in the website they will spend more time in the website with an interest.

Experience increased conversion

To sum up, a customer-centric custom website design builds a professional website that earns credibility. Template based web design may be easy and cheap but the custom web design is smarter. Make a smart investment to experience increased conversion. Outcome matters!!!


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A website is considered as the visual appearance of a company or brand. In this competitive era it is very important to compete with other brand physically as well as virtually.

Being competitive virtually means designing a website which attracts more traffic and offer a very impactful user experience. This can be done if the website developer is well known to the trends going on. And the techniques used by other competitors.

Developing a website is important but developing a website with an impactful user experience is like cherry on the top. For a business to grow one should be very particular with the design of the website. Carrying a thought in mind that if a website has visuals, images will make website better is very wrong. This is because these things are important but if these things are used in a haphazard manner can cause great loss. So these things should be used wisely with other things which are important too like headings, good content etc.

So, in order to attract good amount of traffic on your website it is imperative to keep the below things in mind to enhance user experience:-


People these days are very witty and clever. Looking at a picture on the web they are easily able to recognize it when they see it somewhere else. This is stock photography. In layman language when a picture or image is used several times for professional or commercial purposes.

The web designer should make sure that he doesn’t use images which are a part of stock photography because people today spend their entire time on the internet and they quickly get to know about if something is being repeated.

So, to ensure a good user experience one should be very particular with choosing images i.e. he/she should try to go for images which haven’t been used anywhere. This is because stocked images lead to a very poor connection between the user and the company.



An effecting use of headings is very imperative in order to convey the required information to the users. Your heading should be such that it clearly states what your content and company is about. It should be a short description of what your content or point is about.

This is because all the people visiting the website might not read the entire content and just read the headings so as to make their decisions.

So, it is very important that the headings convey proper message and also are well designed because search engines also weigh headings more as compared to the content.



Being responsive means designing your website in such a way that it is easily accessible on all kinds of platforms like mobile phone, tablets etc. People today are very habitual to their phones and find using it easy as compared to laptops or computers. So, when they are in search of something they use their phones.

Thus the designer should make sure that the entire website gets easily loaded in phones so as to provide its users a better experience or else they will switch to some other website which is mobile friendly.

And recently Google scrutinized all website that was nor mobile friendly and responsive. So, in order to ward off from such inspections it should be kept in mind that the website that is being developed is mobile friendly and responsive.



Research is important. Basically research here means visiting all top website and paying attention as to how they have designed their websites, what kind of tools are used by them, the kind of fonts, colour combinations, images etc. This will help the developer get to know about loopholes in his website and what can be the possible means to alter it.

Not only this will help him make his website better but will also help him as to how it feels when accessing a particular website and then the required things can be incorporated by him in his website.



To enhance user experience it is very essential that one’s website is updated appropriate and fresh content. This is because unique and fresh content help make good connection between the user and the brand. Not only this, a website which keeps its content new got a very good rank among popular search engines. A good rank helps the website become easily discoverable and people start relying on them.

A good content will also help users find answers to their questions and then they will access the website more frequently thus contributing to success of the company.



People like fancy things and get fantasized when they see them. So another way to enhance user experience is making use of visuals. Visuals can be a very innovative way to keep the user occupied with the website and if used and selected properly can also help increase the stay time of the users on the website. Visuals can be made more attractive by use of sounds or some other interesting things.



Once the user had gone through the entire website he might look for the contact details in order to take the further step.

For e.g. if a person is thinking for buying a product online from a local website, he will first go through the entire website to make himself sure of the authenticity and then when he is satisfied with the website and likes it he will obviously go for buying the product for which he has been looking through. For this he will search for the contact information of the store so as to become more sure about the quality of the product.

So it is very important that the contact information like phone numbers, email address should be easily visible and noticeable. In other words the user should not go for searching for it in the entire website.


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