Why Startup Business Need Website and Promotion

Why Startup Business Need Website and Promotion

Just like a small fish faces survival challenges among large fishes in a vast deep ocean, startup businesses too face the survival challenges in the present competitive market flooded with established businesses. Startup businesses face numerous challenges like creating an identity (being the first), followed by establishment challenge, and survival challenge being the last one.

Thus, in order to attain a survival advantage, businesses need to have an online presence. This purpose is served by launching a website. But having just a website is not enough, adopting proper marketing techniques at right time is also very important. Here are a few reasons why a startup business needs to have a website and also promote it:  

1. Optimized Website Increases Sales

Having a website cannot alone deliver high sales. Optimizing it with SEO tools so as to achieve a high rank on Search Engine Results Page is equally important. Website with a high rank will definitely grasp customer's attention resulting in delivering quick and increased sales thereby providing a ROI in no time.

2. Efficient in Building Relationships

With the advent of internet and marketing taking the form of internet marketing, websites and its promotion helps in directly linking with the customers. Businesses can now personally approach to any person round the world and hence ease the relationship building. Once the website is built, it can be promoted through various ways of internet marketing techniques like email marketing, advertisement etc.

Websites also provides a space for customers to help share their grievances and feedback. The business can also scrutinize it personally, thereby replying to them which help in connecting the business and the customers who are separated by miles.

3. Positive Feedback Building Trust

A properly organized and responsive website along with positive feedbacks posted by old customers is creditable to the customers since it helps in attaining new customers. Winning trust and building a positive identity in customers' eyes is the biggest challenge for the startups. This challenge can be overcome with the help of a website which is designed and promoted well.

4. Increasing Brand Visibility

Website provides you with an online virtual store through which you can present all your ideas, products and services to your customers. Marketing through a website in most cases proves to be the cheapest way of publicizing.

5. Builds an Impressive First Impression

First impression is not just the last impression but a lasting impression. A website ranked high and on the first page of Search Engine Results Page or a website whose advertisements are displayed on very promising and trustable website will definitely help in building a good impression. The customer will definitely spare some time to analyze such a website.

6. High Accessibility

The main objective of a startup is to spread awareness about the business to most of the people. This work is simplified with the help of a website. Without any time and place boundation, the business is available 24*7 to the customers and at any place. In this way, the business remains accessible to the customers round the clock.

7. Helps Build Authority

Just like detectives, customers always examine a company's website before trusting it to find out whether the business is reliable or not. They want to know whether the company will be there around if something goes wrong. A website clearly depicts a customer where to go whenever anything goes wrong. This builds a sense of authority. Thus without a website and its promotion any business is at a very big loss.

8. Keeping Customers Informed

The easiest and the cheapest way to reach out to the customers from all over the world is through digital media. Entrepreneurs can now easily update the public about the new products/services, discounts etc through virtual digital bulletin board.

9. Helps in the Expansion of the Business

Brick and mortar business faces a number of limitations. Their customers are restricted by the boundaries of the place they are situated. Only people living nearby or passing around will step into their stores. But the reach of website knows no boundaries. This helps on targeting more and more customers which in turn helps in a positive expansion of the business.

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