Get Responsive Logo Design Services to Boost Brand

Get Responsive Logo Design Services to Boost Brand

The technology these days offer people the chance to gather or receive information from various sources. And this information can be received through various devices ranging from laptops, tablets and mobile phones. So it is very important to have a responsive website design in order to fit your website on all sorts of screen.

Not only a responsive website is important but also a responsive logo is important these days. It is through a company's logo its product or service is identified by people. Also, it helps to distinguish ones product from those of the competitors. Hence, it becomes essential to have a logo.

Having a logo is important but the developer should make sure that the logo is responsive i.e. it is easily visible and identifiable too. Some logo developers rely on making the logo size small so as to make it fit all screen sizes but this is not the way instead one should put efforts to make it simple yet identifiable. A perfect logo is considered to be simple, versatile and also such that it incorporate everything about the company regardless of its size.

In other words a logo should be such that it speaks about the brand irrespective of on the type of screen it is being viewed on. A logo is referred to as a way of identification for people. Looking at logos of some companies we directly come to know as to which brand it belongs to. Few examples are Nike, Jaguar, Mercedes etc.

Many of the top companies have enhanced their logo in some or the other way and they can still be identified by people today. E.g. Google, Kodak, Domino's etc.

So in order to stay in par with other companies below are two points which when followed can help design a responsive logo:


The problem today with the logo developers is that in a haste of making their logo design responsive they end up making it more complicated and messy.

As it is said, "SIMPLICITY IS THE ULTIMATE SOPHISTICATION" so it is wise to keep the logo simple so as to attain sophistication. A simple logo will also help attain clarity and at the same time will leave a long lasting impact on the target customers.

This can be done by making the thick strokes thin, using colours wisely and by flattening some elements present in the logo design. This will help the logo be legible in small screens.

  A very good example of a simple logo design is MasterCard who has made its logo simple but yet it looks modern without losing its identity.


Versatile which means capable of turning forward or backward. Hence, a logo should be such that it can be moulded into all sizes in all ways either forward or backward. A logo design should offer the feature of turning or cutting it down in all shapes and sizes.

Speaking of responsiveness would probably mean something which fits everywhere, is legible, clear. So a logo has to have these things in order to compete with others in the market.


An example of versatility can be the logo of Google which was previously used as an entire word to different dots to a G which incorporates all colours used in the first design. The company not only made its logo small but it also made sure that it is still recognized by people. Looking at G one could identify that it say Google.  

In short, it doesn't matter as to making the size small or cutting down some elements will help your design fit all screen. It is about designing a logo which when made small doesn't lose its identity. The best way to have a perfect logo is using all the technologies and tools available today. It is always told to us "LESS IS MORE", the same principle can be applied to while designing a logo. The entire article focuses on keeping the logo simple, clear and flexible.

We at Kudosta Solutions help our customer to build brand image and maintain it by providing blogs related to designing a responsive logo. Because in this competitive world we know as to how much it is important for a company to build its brand image and what loss it can suffer if it doesn't possess things required in this digital era.    


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