10 Reasons Every Small Business Should Have A Website

10 Reasons Every Small Business Should Have A Website

Business is something which keeps one busy. Basically it means transfer of goods or services from a seller to a buyer. This everyone of is known to. Business can be done both the ways: traditional and modern. Traditional way of doing business means owning a physical store and then carrying out the purchasing and selling. This way of conducting business do yield profit but not enough money can be generated through it.

Modern way of doing business means owning a website i.e. having an online presence. Benefits are simple i.e. more attention of people leading to more sales which in turn leads to more profits. So this makes it very important to own a website especially for small businessman who is struggling to capture a market share. Here are some reasons as to how a website can help:-


According to a survey, 6 out of 10 customers look for a brand's website to know more about the product they are willing to buy. This reason is sufficient for a small business to possess a website because the customer expects it. In a world of technology today, every customer expects a business for some kind of online information about their products or services. A business with no website will never grow because now days the customers are very antsy and thus might switch to some other brand.  


A good percentage of customers rely on the reviews about the products. In simple sense reviews play a very vital role in influencing a person's decision about a certain product. A business can take the help of review sites to get good review about their product and hence increase their business.


Possessing a website gives one a virtual presence on the web. Traditionally business has relied on billboards and hoardings in order to capture people's attention but it is not successfully to a very good extent. On the other hand in modern time's online presence can help a person to capture a large amount of people's attention thus adding value to ones business.


Having a website is important but sometimes people get confused about how to go about with it? Today internet has all the answers to such questions. WordPress a very popular tool help small businessmen to own their website that too at a very low cost. Not only this the tool also helps in content management i.e. it makes sure that a particular website is updated with fresh content so that it ranks on the top of famous search engines.  


Possessing a website today does not necessarily requires a person to possess technical knowledge. He/she can own a website even if he/she is not good with computers. This is because many free tools are available which provide online tutorials where a person can learn about how a website can be developed and also some basic knowledge about running a website.  

6. Competitors Have A Website:

It's always said to "Be Competitive". There is nothing wrong in being competitive because it can help sometimes. A business man should be very well known to his competitors in the market and should try to be in par with him. A recent report revealed that about 72 percent of people have the habit of researching about the product they are planning to buy.

Now for their research they will obviously rely on the internet. Here a website plays a very big role. If one doesn't have a website you are directly giving a chance to your consumers to buy it from some other company who possess a website.  


We all have a time table and we work according to that. But it is not necessary that everyone has the same time table as that of ours. We might prefer to sleep at night but some people may not. Many a times people have the habit of staying awake at night and shop at that time. Here a website is very important. If one has a website a customer can go through it at any time i.e. 24*7 according to his convenience. He will not have to wait for the morning for the store to open.  


A website will not only benefit the consumers but in turn can benefit your staff as well which will in turn lead to a good benefit for the business. All you have to do is to build an orphan page which will not be visible to the public. Your employees can access this page. Update this page with the necessary information like new products and some instructional videos. This will keep the employees updated and trained.  


Unlike traditional means one can display their products more creatively and in an artistic way through the help of pictures. This plays a very important role in attracting a customer.  


Manually collection of information can be a headache. Because it requires you to then type and upload it in your database. But if one has an online presence the customer can upload their details themselves and you can automatically upload it in your database using the cut, copy and paste option which sounds much easier and time saving.

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