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Every importance should carry a reason otherwise the importance will not be understood. Wide range of information is available to convey the importance of having a website and use digital marketing for the business but still, it needs the reasons for clear understanding. Here we see 10 reasons all businesses need a website & digital marketing.

#1 –Connect with customers

Large number of people have started spending more time online.

Website is the place where you will connect with the customers to make them aware of your business and its services/products. Digital marketing is the best way to bring the audience to the website.

#2 – Information Centre

Digital presence has become more popular that people would like to get answers, check products and buy different goods. Website is a place where you would put & update every important information of your business and with successful digital marketing, you will be able to optimize the information to attract and convert the audience into customers.

#3 – Testimonials

Website is the right place where you can have valuable testimonials about your business, products,and services. Testimonials increase your credibility. With right digital marketing strategy, you will be able to take the testimonies to social media pages and in other digital presence of your business.

#4 – Lead Generation

Lead generation is one of the most important aspects of having a website and practicing digital marketing. Leads are the audiences at reachable. When it comes to digital marketing, different types of lead generation techniques are there but website is the beginning or the base for lead generation.

#5 –Build exposure

In this digital age, it is not feasible to build exposure for the business without having a website. Exposure will be developed when the business is taken to online presence and making it more popular using digital marketing.

#6 – Higher Sales

Traditional ads and marketing techniques are vanishing. Digital marketing has become more popular especially because of reaching the people across various platforms. Digital marketing enables refined process to acquire more leads. Obviously more leads results in higher sales.

#7 –Achieving the target

Every business has target audiences. As the digital world is vast and fast, you are not going to cast the net generally but on the target. You need a website and suitable digital marketing strategy to reach the target audience.

#8 – Cutting the costs

Do not have to worry about the budget, setting up a professional website and deploying digital marketing is not costly. Spending on a website and in digital marketing is a diligent investment that you make for your business. You will reap huge benefits for low-cost investment.


#9–Global Audience

If you own a website for your business then your brand or product is globally available. Obviously, global audience can walk into your business website. Your reach grows global. At the same time, digital marketing is not limited to local. Think about it as digital marketing takes your business to audience across different countries and brings global audience.

#10 –Customer support

Having a website for your business is the easier way to provide best customer support/service. Customers can easily reach you by visiting your business website and get their queries answered, clarified and get served on request. After all, customer satisfaction is more important and website opens the avenues to achieve it.

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Owning a website has become more common in this digital era. Even the non-business individuals do have a website to showcase something. It may not be important for an individual with no connection to any business but when it comes to a business or product or an entrepreneur, the website is essential in different perspectives. When you get to think about having a website, different questions may arise in you. One of the major questions you would come up with is Why Do I Need a Website? If the ultimate purpose of having a website is revealed or identified everything would fall into the lines. So why do you need a website? Let’s check it.

A better communication between your business and audience


Introduction and Communication

First of all, a website is a better communicating medium through which you Introduction and Communicationintroduce your products or services to the audience. The fact is that the digital communication has become a major communication between consumers and businesses in these modern days. A large number of people spend a considerable amount of time online these days. Getting your business or products or services to the huge audience will be easy through online with a website. The website shows who you are or what your business is and invites the people into your business and reveals your products and services.






A better way for interaction and conversion

Interaction and Conversion


People from anywhere can get to know about your Interaction and Conversionbusiness/product/service. At any time, they will be able to visit your website. This increases the advertisement to your business or brand. As people come to know about your business they will start communicating or interacting with you if they are interested, thus you can catch the target audience. As your site gets visible in search engine through SEO process, visitors will increase to your site eventually a way to get potential customers gradually.


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In today’s era of technology people choose internet for kinds of work like shopping, money transfer, studying etc. So, for a business to gain the market share it is very important that it possesses a website which can be accessed when people are in need of something.

A business regardless of its size should have a website to make sure it has a visual presence.

A website should be such that it leaves a very good impact on the viewers visiting it and they are forced to buy something. This can be done by incorporating all the elements which are necessary so as to enhance the user experience. These elements are important because these are the very basic things a website should have and also they determine the position of the business. It also helps determine rank in popular search engines.

So, in order to come in the eyes of people or target customer these elements should be incorporated:-


As stated by a study about 86 percent people go through the reviews of the people to get to know more about the local business. Remember to hold a separate place for reviews so people can go through them and there’s.

A review plays a vital role in deciding whether a customer will generate loss or profit. The reason being people get very accustomed with the reviews and start to rely on them.

Another way to ease peoples work from adding a review is to add a plug-in which can be used for this purpose. One can also opt for taking third party’s help for this purpose like Facebook and Yelp.

Also one should always keep in mind, to keep the reviews updated and thus proper training can be given to the employees for this purpose. The training should be such that it becomes easy for them to gather the information from the customers about their services or products.


Now a days customer expects a lot from the business. Similarly they expect a very visually appealing website which offers an interactive user experience. This can be done by using good pictures, admiring videos and a very good responsive website design.

One can incorporate picture which clearly defines the product and helps business distinguish its product from those of its competitors.


One should keep in mind to remove all sorts of barrier to purchase. In simple words it is important to have a geographical location but at the same time the businessman should keep in mind to have a website which offers purchase facility. This can be done by adding a shopping cart to website with the help of PayPal which offers online ordering facility.

This will help business make profits even when the customers could not make to the store.


Keeping the website updated with content helps win trust of the customer. One doesn’t has to update all the webpage but a certain page has to be maintained periodically.

This can be done by including a separate page which displays the upcoming events like workshops, new products and services etc. This proves that the business is flourishing and helps gain rank in search engine optimization ranking.

Google also ranks those website which keep their content updated and fresh.


One should always be very particular regarding displaying the contact information. Even if the business does not have a physical location adding up the phone number, email address, operating hours can help your customer come in contact with you when in need.

This will also help them enquire for things which they are unaware of and hence they might become generators of profit for your business.


To let the people make aware about what your business is about remember to add a page which describes completely of what the business is about and what does it deal with.

This page basically comprises about the objective of the company, principles, history etc. To make it look more attractive and to enhance it one can opt for putting pictures of the office, employees, board of directors and some pictures of the products the company is dealing in.



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