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2020 is obviously a different year that the world has ever seen. It has brought millions of individuals and  businesses to digital presence for various reasons. Stepping into the digital presence has become normal and easier these days. With the help of website design and digital marketing agencies, businesses of any size owns a website for them. Obviously website has become an integral part of a business especially in this age of online.

Having a great website can’t create sales unless it attracts visitors/audience. Creating traffic to the website is more important. SEO is a technique that drives organic traffic to the website. SEO Improves the Ranking of the Website in Search Engine and displays the website in the first page of the SERPs. Get to know the top 5 reasons why you need SEO.

Visible to the audience

To get visible for the audience could be the foremost reason that a website needs SEO. The number of people using online media keeps increasing. Be it purchase or comparison or research, or it can be anything, people step in to online and surfs to find what they need. SEO optimizes a website to be visible in the SERPs from which visitor or audience would traverse to the website. SEO pulls audience to the website, apparently no one would know a website through an online search unless SEO is done for the website

Establish with the audience

Building a brand and establishing it with the audience are the major objective of marketing. Building a brand needs creating the content that speaks the brand to the audience, showcases and makes an impression in their minds. One of the important factor in making a website SEO friendly is to create relevant, rich and reachable content that depicts your brand in a way that you want to portray it to your audience. It requires proper keyword selection and usage, the Best UX and Well-Built Website which are key factors for optimizing a website to be SEO friendly. Therefore, SEO builds a brand and creates the expected brand awareness.

From audience to potential leads

Converting the audience or the visitor into a potential lead is a skill of a marketer. But a marketer can do that only if the website gets enough traffic because not all the audiences will become leads. With SEO the website get increasing traffic that can be converted into potential leads or customers. The major purpose of marketing is to generate leads which can be effortless if the website is SEO friendly. SEO generates traffic that marketing team deals to convince and convert them into potential leads. Higher the traffic, higher the conversion could be.

Builds credibility among the audience

Optimizing a website to become SEO friendly does not happen overnight. It is a process that has different techniques to follow. It includes content optimization, image optimization, UX and much more. The informative content presented in an engaging way can hold the audience on the website.  If the relevant information what they were looking for is found on the website, importantly if it is presented in a pleasing way, then it will create user engagement. The audience will share such content to their peers, friends and others, thus credibility is built for your brand.

Stay ahead in the competition

With the advantages of SEO explained above you can stand out in the competition. SEO not only increases the visibility in the digital presence but also it helps the business to be competitive in the market. With the increasing traffic and leads, sales will be improved, and the brand will become competitive to the customers. Playing in the competition takes efforts that distinguishes a brand from other brands in the market. SEO keeps the website organized and updated to give sufficient information to the audiences who can be converted into potential customers.

If you are having a website but don’t know how to promote it then the purpose of the website will go vain. Kudosta Solutions LLP helps businesses and startups to make their website SEO friendly, build brand awareness, brand engagement and customer retention. SEO is a great marketing effort with no cost.

Your website is the business card or online address of your business. In this digital marketing era, website is one of the most important factors in taking your business to large number of people. Therefore, website security becomes an important and not to be missed. Let’s check 6 Practical Tips to Secure Your Website Data.

Use a Secure Host

Web hosting plays crucial role in website security. Web hosting company should be able to support the website in all the cases. Most importantly, it should be able to identify or aware about the threats knocking your website to gain access.

With all alertness, the hosting company should be able to back up the data and secure it in a remote server to retrieve in case of any loss of data due to attacks or threats or hacks. Therefore, always opt for a hosting company that offers all-time technical support.

Software update

Most of the hackers give their shot on the security loopholes of the website. The best way to fix the security flaws is to update the installed scripts. Make sure that every script, software and other related products that you use are updated.

Robust password

Obviously, the brute force attack is the most tried by the hackers to break into the website by cracking the password. It is advised to maintain strong password leaving no room for the hackers to be successful in their attempts. Avoid simple passwords and always use combination of upper case, lower case letters with numeric and special characters.

Website Hygiene

Being hygienic prevents attacks from disease-causing germs and bacteria. Same is for website, your website will be safe as far as you keep it hygienic. Do clean it periodically to avoid hackers. You will invite hackers unknowingly if you do not keep your website clean. Delete the files and applications that are not used in your site anymore. Make sure that the file structure is organized so that you can track and delete the unnecessary files.

Scan your website

Web security scan is one of the important steps taken towards website security. Make sure you perform a scheduled website scan to identify the defencelessness. As you find such risk factors, you can immediately bring on the fix that removes the defenseless points open for attacks. Rather than trusting the free web scan tools, it is better to move on for a professional scan that reveals in detail. Make a note of it that free web scans do not reveal anything in deep. It may be free but can cost you a lot.

Hire a Security Expert

One of the best investments you can make to secure your website is to hire a security services or expert. The support of the security expert would be high. You can’t handle it on your own.

Of course, you can manage the low-level security issues but when it comes to dealing with high-level security issues and measures it requires the support of a security expert/service. Needless to say, security experts do scan your website regularly, do a thorough monitoring in a scheduled manner and take necessary actions on time.

Implement these practical and key steps to secure your website data as your website is a showcase where people could get sufficient information about your business in online


Website is most important for the businesses these days. Every business that do have website must understand the real purpose of having a website. Website is not only to give information about the product or service to the people but also to attract more visitors. Yes, the purpose of a business website is not just to communicate with the people but to attract them so that they can be converted into potential customers.

Custom web design increases Conversion rate

The website that does not have good conversion rate is just vain. Such websites are purposeless. When the business defines the purpose of website it will start to find the ways to increased conversion. Talking about increased conversion, the custom web design is more advantageous than the web design using templates.

Custom web design is a smart investment

Obviously, a lot of content management system companies have come and offering numerous templates to design a website with customizable options. As far as customization options and investment is concerned many people choose template based web design. But custom website design is a best investment you can do as it benefits your business. Let’s see why it is so.

Be Unique, Be Beautiful

Custom web design gives amazing unique look to your website. It makes your brand looking unique and you do not have to fit your business logo or website design into the existing template. You can create a web design that no other brand or business has. The outcome is pretty good that it attracts the people a lot thereby increases conversion. The uniqueness of your web design sells your brand.

Higher the visibility, higher the reach

In order to increase the visibility of your business or brand, you need to concentrate on SEO. Search Engine Optimization is a process that takes your business website and displays in the top results of search engine results. It drives traffic to your website in the organic way. Custom web design is the best way to boost SEO as effective HTML coding can be written to make your site more SEO friendly. Search engine standard HTML code will enhance your website’s exposure. Of course, this will increase conversion undoubtedly.

Effective for customer-centric website

Again, the main intention of having a business or brand website is to attract the customers. In such a perspective, custom web design is best to build customer-centric website. Be it the UI and the functionality of the website to engage the customers, custom web design is highly effective. You can build as you like it to increase conversion rate rather than building your site as per the template.

Team fulfills your dream

The best part of custom web design is that you will get a team that work for you anytime to keep your website updated. With a custom website design, you can modify and update your website anytime without taking much time. The website design team will take your concerns and work it out immediately as it is not hectic to make changes in the custom design.

As you keep updated, the chances are high to attract new customers and also to retain the existing customers.  When the people find something new in the website they will spend more time in the website with an interest.

Experience increased conversion

To sum up, a customer-centric custom website design builds a professional website that earns credibility. Template based web design may be easy and cheap but the custom web design is smarter. Make a smart investment to experience increased conversion. Outcome matters!!!


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Creating awesome content alone doesn’t work. Outreaching to bloggers and other business owners with your resource page helps. Convince them by explaining that linking out to relevant content is an up for them as well.


Probably the same that it’s been for years: create awesome content on your own site and get your name out by contributing (content, comments) to other sites and communities. Once people know your site is worth visiting, the external mentions should start flowing naturally.

A good strategy is a combination of creating a worthwhile website with helpful content and/or good products and outreach. You’ll need to create the exposure yourself by participating in other people’s communities. Write on blogs, answer questions in forums (like you and I are both doing here), participate on social media groups.

If you don’t offer any great value on your own platform, then why would anyone ever want to link to you? It’s not about link-baiting, it’s about being part of a community that you bring value to. I had to do a lot of linkbuilding in my early career (thankfully not part of my daily tasks anymore), and any links I managed to get (if any) for sites that offered little to no value to users apart from promoting their very standard business models, were as a rule low-quality.

Valid point, for local businesses these kinds of linkbuilding strategies won’t matter too much. I doubt many external SEO strategies past GMB and professional local business directories in your niche will. The approach outlined above will work for much more than only make-money-online niches. How about SEO managers sharing strategies, or web developers contributing their knowledge and tools to the community, or (an ex-client of mine) class-action lawyers bringing issues to light, design agencies providing tutorials, the list goes on. Of course there’s not a single link building strategy that will fit all types of businesses.

So basically you create non-PBN PBNs. I get it, I do the same sometimes. Make a website, not a default WP blog, slap some posts on it, an about and contact page, drop a link now and again, let it all marinate.

These are hit and miss. For local, they can be a waste of time because all the effort that goes into making ten or fifteen sites look legitimate could be better used simply making the client’s site look better. For regional, national and worldwide, a network, in theory, makes sense. Fish with many poles instead of one, but even those sites need backlinks to be found, and interlinking can trigger a red flag if not super careful.

Generating very well written very unique useful content on your website and on other websites. Do podcasts. YouTube videos. That aside, post on blogs and comment on other places. Focus on medium tail instead of difficult long tail for example. Google locals if need be. Social media but learn how to incorporate those well if you don’t know. Pr posts, building backlinks and generating high written content on other sites. On page SEO which is ez. Remove or update web pages doing poorly for potential boost. The usually good Brian Dean transparency style. Then toss in the Grey market world which everyone usually does. Be smart on how you do that. Remove negative links. Consider PBN and serp networks but don’t always rely on them and sometimes are they harmful. The really private ones that you pay large money for are usually helpful considerations. Working with others and your competition to share work and links… It’s weird but it works for both of you. Basically, a modified Brian Dean style is more optimal lately. But Brian is not entirely white as seem by search engine checking him out. It’s not all white hat. Mostly white small Grey. And don’t forget Pr stuff and reports and shit. Some people also dabble in testing out uploading pdfs of content to course hero and other websites for added stuff but I have no clue in that aspect not sure if it’s reliable yet haven’t tested. There are others but this should serve you solidly. And by all means your website better be good simple and look nice and it better be zippy because Cmon get your shit together. Hope this helps. It’s not everything but a good chunk of it. Cheers.

Digital Marketing services (SEO, SMO, PPC, SMM)

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With rapidly evolving technological development, SEO techniques are also changing continuously, bringing new trends to boost the website traffic. Therefore, you need to be on the ball throughout the year to optimize the opportunity of being searched on Google, Yahoo, Bing or other search engines.

The year 2018 has left behind all the obsolete old trends and has brought advanced techniques of enhancing website ranking. In this boundlessly creative world of designers, developing an attractive and beautiful website is not a big challenge but the real task is to make it more viewed online. Here’s a rundown to update you with the advanced areas of SEO which you might not have known before.

Enhance User Engagement 

Hold the user’s attention as long as possible because it will increase the amount of time spent on the web page. Search engines like Google are pushing those websites in the search results pages that have stronger engagement and are mostly liked by the users. Using the latest trends, you can now engage the visitor by using more visuals, pyramid style of writing, easily readable fonts, and by improving your bounce rate.
Follow YouTube SEO 

If you will keep a check on the YouTube SEO, you will be able to tap greater audience. It is the second most popular searching site after Google with 3 billion visitors per month. For every search result, you find at least one YouTube video result on the SERPs. By following its SEO you will get higher ranking on Google and will also get traffic from YouTube.

Accelerate Site Loading 

The site speed is a very crucial ranking factor as search engines prefer those websites that are faster and instantly loaded on mobile phones. Google has launched many apps like Page Speed and Think with Google, enabling web developers to make their sites more responsive and faster. Using small images on your website can also make it more compatible.

Use Keywords Sparingly 
Entirely depending on keywords and ignoring quality and organization of the content can hurt your website’s search optimization. You must use keywords but carefully, keeping them relevant to the nature of your website without compromising the essence of the content.

Focus on Titles 

Know your target audience and its queries first and then write the website content. Your web page titles and blogs should clearly mention the objective of the website because the advanced Google algorithm can track the detail and interest of the user and generate results accordingly. You should also guide the logo makers to design your title logo according to the nature of the brand.

Improve URLs 

URL is the connecting bridge between website and the user. Improve your URLs, keeping them short, relevant and with keywords. It will help in enhancing the user experience.

Make Pages Longer 
Increase the content on your page by adding extra words to the existing information rather than writing lengthy blogs and articles. Research shows that website with longer pages generates greater traffic.

ALT Tags

 Websites that have visual content including photos and videos must use ALT tag to show the additional information or details about the product. ALT tags enable the search engine to locate your website easily.

Don’t Forget Meta Data

SEO determines the relation between website and search engines which can be strengthened by providing more information about your product. The Meta description on web pages increases the chance of being visited if incorporated relevant keywords.

Technical Upgrading

Keeping everything aside, the first task is to make your website technically strong by optimizing it up to par. Boost the system of your website with HTTPS, upgrade your mobile-oriented content to Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), turn to crawl programs for enabling Google to track your pages and fix 404 errors.

In this competitive world not only physical existence is important but also virtual existence is equally importantly. In order to be present virtually one should make sure that he/she makes all the efforts needed. For a small business it is necessary to be present online because only then it can be discovered by people. In order to make a business successful it is important that the target customers are aware of the new business. This awareness can be created by opting digital marketing solutions and then using them properly.

One can promote his business on the social media through numerous ways. But it is essential to choose the way which involves low cost and is easy.

Here are some best digital marketing solutions which can help small business grow:-


Blogging can help retain customer’s attention and can also help retain the relationships with them which have been built. Updating your website with regular blogs which are new and fresh will leave a very good impact on the new readers as well as on those who are the frequent readers of you blog posts. When the regular readers return to your website you should be sure that your website offers a fresh content. This will help to maintain the regularity of those visiting your websites again. Regular visiting on your website will help your business achieve a good place in the market. And these visitors might also tell other people about you business thus helping you capture a good market share.

And also a good and regular blog will also affect your rank in common search engines which is very good for small business.


Email marketing can help establish good relations with the customers. The only thing that has to be kept in mind is that the content of the email should be very fascinating and should be such that it leaves a very good impact on the visitors and also one should ensure that the content compels the visitor to himself subscribe to the emails.

Email marketing is an old way of marketing a small business but can lead to good results as well. People might take it as a spam. So to avoid this misinterpretation make sure to keep the content unique.


Online presence through Facebook, Twitters, LinkedIn and Google + helps increase your audience, boost your brand, increases sales and cater SEO.

One should get his business verified with Google My business and simultaneously should also possess a Google+ account. One should also have a Facebook page which should be optimized. Possessing a twitter account and a company page which should be connected with LinkedIn are important too.

Ensure that you are connected to the tools above so as to make your small business grow. Getting connected to the above social media platforms will help you make your online presence and also will help you be live all the time on social media.


SEO or search engine optimization means optimizing your website so that it can be discovered by top search engines at the right time and also it gets discovered by the right people too. A good SEO strategy would mean a website which is responsive and has a good content.

Responsive web design would mean a website design which is easily accessible on mobile phones, tablets etc. This would help user to access the website by cell phones too which would again be very beneficial for the business.

Good and unique content on the other hand would help your website rank on the top in comparison to other websites.


An appealing website means such a website that captures the attention of the users this is because a website represents the online presence of the business. So your online presence should be very captivating. This can be done by making use of pictures, videos etc. One can also put the pictures of the employees to make it look more capturing and fascinating.

Not only the look of the website the developer should ensure that all the web pages on the websites are systematically arranged and also make sure that the necessary information is easily readable by the visitor. The website should contain all the sections like contact us page, about us page etc so that the visitors doesn’t waste their precious time looking for it.


We all are familiar with the fact that there has been an immense shift to mobile phones for all sorts of internet activities. This brings out a point as to how to design an effective mobile responsive design. Every company is in the favour of this idea of responsive design but fails to apply it. It is very important to design a website which can be easily accessible on all platforms. In order to be in par with others in the market it is essential to avoid mistakes relating to an effective mobile responsive website.

Here are some common mistakes which companies make while designing a mobile responsive design.


Many companies don’t work on their speed. They only rely on making a responsive design but sometimes they forget to concentrate on the speed of their website. Low speed leads to the visitors switching to other websites hence decreasing traffic on the website.

In order to optimize the speed one has to make the size of the images smaller and compress the pages. If this is done properly it will enhance user experience and will help attract more visitors.


A most common mistake which companies makes when designing a responsive website is that the call to action button is either too small or sometimes too large. The problem is that it doesn’t fit to the screen of the users who are accessing it through a mobile device. The developer should always keep in mind that the size of the call button should be such that it fits to all screens and is easily clickable.


Another common mistake which brand makes is that they carry in their mind that the UI and UX design which has been made for a desktop design will also work for the mobile website. But this is not what actually happens. One has to redo the design of UX and UI in order to offer a better user experience to its visitors.


Often the developers of the website think that if they keep their font small they can incorporate more copy. This might sometimes be true but not always. One has to be sure that keeping the fonts too small will not be readable if the user is trying to access it through phones and they will not accept whatever one is offering.

So, in order to maintain a proper amount of traffic the fonts used should be readable by the public on all platforms.


The developer should be very cautious about the size of the ad which will be displayed when a user accesses the website through mobile phones. One should see that the ad displayed is not too giant that it keeps the viewer wandering for the close button or “x” symbol so as to close the ad.

One should also see that avoiding ad is not the solution to this as it helps the company earn. So the solution to this is that the ad should be the size of the mobile in order to retain visitor’s attention.


Often developers choose to keep a separate URL for the mobile site and separate for the desktop site. This might work but not always. Browsers might not route properly and might lead to some other site. This will compel the user to switch to some other website.


After you are done with your responsive website design make sure you get it checked by your customers. This checking or monitoring will help you find out the mistakes in your design and will also let you know about the scope of improvement.


Companies spend lots of money in getting a very beautiful and attractive website designed by its developers. And in this they forget that the ranking of their website doesn’t depend upon how the website looks but on the quality of the content.

One should always keep the site updated with fresh content as to maintain a good rank among search engines.




Good design increases your conversion rates, boosts the performance of your business. https://buff.ly/2xfScSQ

Business is something which keeps one busy. Basically it means transfer of goods or services from a seller to a buyer. This everyone of is known to. Business can be done both the ways: traditional and modern.

Traditional way of doing business means owning a physical store and then carrying out the purchasing and selling. This way of conducting business do yield profit but not enough money can be generated through it.

Modern way of doing business means owning a website i.e. having an online presence. Benefits are simple i.e. more attention of people leading to more sales which in turn leads to more profits.

So this makes it very important to own a website especially for small businessman who is struggling to capture a market share.

Here are some reasons as to how a website can help:-


According to a survey, 6 out of 10 customers look for a brand’s website to know more about the product they are willing to buy. This reason is sufficient for a small business to possess a website because the customer expects it.

In a world of technology today, every customer expects a business for some kind of online information about their products or services. A business with no website will never grow because now days the customers are very antsy and thus might switch to some other brand.



A good percentage of customers rely on the reviews about the products. In simple sense reviews play a very vital role in influencing a person’s decision about a certain product.

A business can take the help of review sites to get good review about their product and hence increase their business.



Possessing a website gives one a virtual presence on the web. Traditionally business has relied on billboards and hoardings in order to capture people’s attention but it is not successfully to a very good extent.

On the other hand in modern time’s online presence can help a person to capture a large amount of people’s attention thus adding value to ones business.



Having a website is important but sometimes people get confused about how to go about with it? Today internet has all the answers to such questions. WordPress a very popular tool help small businessmen to own their website that too at a very low cost. Not only this the tool also helps in content management i.e. it makes sure that a particular website is updated with fresh content so that it ranks on the top of famous search engines.



Possessing a website today does not necessarily requires a person to possess technical knowledge. He/she can own a website even if he/she is not good with computers.

This is because many free tools are available which provide online tutorials where a person can learn about how a website can be developed and also some basic knowledge about running a website.


  1. Competitors have a Website:

It’s always said to “Be Competitive”. There is nothing wrong in being competitive because it can help sometimes. A business man should be very well known to his competitors in the market and should try to be in par with him.

A recent report revealed that about 72 percent of people have the habit of researching about the product they are planning to buy. Now for their research they will obviously rely on the internet. Here a website plays a very big role. If one doesn’t have a website you are directly giving a chance to your consumers to buy it from some other company who possess a website.



We all have a time table and we work according to that. But it is not necessary that everyone has the same time table as that of ours. We might prefer to sleep at night but some people may not. Many a times people have the habit of staying awake at night and shop at that time. Here a website is very important. If one has a website a customer can go through it at any time i.e. 24*7 according to his convenience. He will not have to wait for the morning for the store to open.



A website will not only benefit the consumers but in turn can benefit your staff as well which will in turn lead to a good benefit for the business.

All you have to do is to build an orphan page which will not be visible to the public. Your employees can access this page. Update this page with the necessary information like new products and some instructional videos. This will keep the employees updated and trained.



Unlike traditional means one can display their products more creatively and in an artistic way through the help of pictures. This plays a very important role in attracting a customer.



Manually collection of information can be a headache. Because it requires you to then type and upload it in your database. But if one has an online presence the customer can upload their details themselves and you can automatically upload it in your database using the cut, copy and paste option which sounds much easier and time saving.

SEO Services USA for Small Business and SEO friendly Website Design


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8 key benefits of SEO Services for Small Businesses

For a small business to expand, SEO plays a very vital role. It not only changes your websites’ search results but also has many more advantages. If we talk in general when we search for something on Google we obviously rely on the top searches. This is why SEO is important. It will help your newly built website to come amongst the top and hence helps increase traffic.

SEO has many other benefits too some of which are listed below, because a proper knowledge of SEO can bring a small business on the top.

  1. User Friendly

SEO aids small business to set up a website which is user friendly. People often have a habit of sticking to the old definition of SEO i.e. it only helps for optimizing the search result but this has changed. Today SEO not only helps in optimizing search results but also makes sure that it enhances user’s experience too.

A well organised and systematic website will impel a person to spend more time on the website.

  1. Creates Brand Awareness

Be it big or small, be it new or established businesses, each business works hard to attain the place on the Search Engine Results Page (SERPs). The primary focus of SEO is also to adopt tools and practices so as to get a high rank on the SERPs. This rank is important because a website ranking high, automatically wins the trust of the customer and customer is most likely to visit it. Higher visits to a website lead to creation of better brand awareness, which is very profitable for business.

  1. Better Conversion Rates

An SEO optimized site means a site which is built according to the norms and regulations of search engines. Such an optimized website is easy to navigate, easy to read as well as surf. Since it has these important features, users are more likely to spend time on such a website thus rendering high conversion rates to business with the increase probability of attaining loyal customers.

  1. Helps in Discovering New Markets

Since Internet has its presence world-wide. It opens the opportunity for the business to operate world-wide creating its presence in the current markets and also discovering new markets.

  1. Helps in Competing with the Competitors

Running a business resembles marathon to a great extent, where each business in its own unique way is trying to run the fastest in order to win the race. What is the race about? Well, it’s about reaching the customers first and about doing the maximum profit.

Competitors! They are those who have successfully gained the top position on the SERP’s. They have done this because they have followed the SEO principles. This show how important is SEO and applying in the most correct way. But, if your falling in the ranking on SERP’s, it’s a loud alarm to signal that its high time for you to optimize your website.

  1. Helps you to make Better First Impression

First impression does matter. Although people say not to be judgemental, but human beings at most point of time do judge a book by its cover page. This is normal human tendency. This means that we apprehend the image of a website by first looking at its Snippet. Thus, in optimization, snippet optimization is extremely important. Website’s snippets are the first thing any person sees on the SERP. Thus, it holds a great and genuine reason that it requires a lot of care and attention along with regular updating. Snippet should be clear, understanding, concise and inspiring so as to grab and hold customers attention.

  1. Helps in Growing Website’s Traffic

The whole purpose of website is as:

First: to create an optimized website so that it attains a high and good rank on SERP.

Second: to ensure that your snippet is capable enough to grab a click

Last but not the least: to engage the visitor onto the website and convert the visitor into the customer and a customer to a loyal customer. Website can be called as the 24*7 salesperson whose motive is to bring as much visitors to the website, convert these visitors to leads and finally bring sales out of these leads.

  1. It is an Investment and not an Expense

Although SEO seems to be tedious, costly and lengthy activity. Spending in SEO is yet called as an investment rather than an expense. This is because the results of SEO are worth spending time and money. The result includes: High ROI, helps in building brand exposure, helps in capturing more leads/sales and many more.


SEO Services USA for Small Business and SEO friendly Website Design


Unique Visitors: Called “Users” in Google Analytics, this number refers to the number of visitors who have been to your site in the given date range. Success is measured by an overall upward trend, even if it’s slow at first. Marketing campaigns and special promotions should result in a spike in visitors. Improve this number by adding useful and fresh content to draw in new visitors. Make the most of social media to give your content maximum exposure.
unique visitors

  1. New Visitors Vs. Returning Visitors:  This circular graph in Google Analytics compares how many of your unique visitors are new and how many are coming back for more. Ideally, you’d like to see that number get to about 15% for repeat visitors.
  2. Acquisition Channels or “Sources” :This section shows how people found your site – either directly (by entering your URL in a browser), through organic search engine traffic or referral traffic from another website, etc.A good figure for organic traffic is 40% or more. Referral traffic of 20-30% is a good sign that people are finding your content to be valuable – because they’re linking to your site!Acquisition Channels or “Sources”Traffic is traffic and traffic is good, but if you want to increase organic traffic, spend some time on SEO and creating more content. Want more referrals? Write content that gets people talking. Innovative, controversial topics are great for this. Also, spend some time commenting on other blogs. Not only will you start to build a reputation as an authority, you’ll likely see referral traffic increasing!
  1. Look for “Referrals” in Google Analytics. This will show you sites other than search engines that send traffic to your site. These are also known as “inbound links” and they often provide a boost in search engine ranking as well as bringing in targeted visitors.
    You’ll notice that this report includes referrals from social media. Google’s Webmaster Tools have a more sophisticated report of all the websites that link to your site, in case you’re interested.Look for “Referrals” in Google Analytics.

You’ll know you’re making progress with the number of referring URLs growing steadily over time. When people link to a page or blog post, it means they found your content valuable. Click on each referrer to see exactly where on their site your link is located. Then click on that link to see exactly what they linked to. This will tell you what kinds of content are working. Then write more just like it! It’s also good practice to thank people when they link to you.

  1. Most/Least Popular Pages :  In analytics, look at Behavior>Site Content>All Pages.You’ll see your most popular pages for your date range at the top. It’s only natural that posts will lose ground over time, but some will be a standout for months, or even years.Most/Least Popular PagesTake a look at what is bringing in the visitors. If the content supports your overall goals and appeals to the type of visitors you want, create more content like that. If some older pieces are still sitting at the top of the list, consider going back and updating them. Make sure these pages are optimized for lead generation with effective calls to action. Don’t waste that traffic!
  2. Indexed Pages:   This is the number of pages on your site that Google indexes.Find out how many of yours are indexed using Google Webmaster Tools, if you have it set up.Indexed PagesThe direct URL to the report is: https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/index-status?hl=en&siteUrl=http://yourURLhere.com To keep this trend moving in the right direction, add quality content on a regular basis, utilize basic SEO techniques, share on social media, and avoid questionable SEO tactics that can result in a large number of your pages being de-indexed (yikes).
  3. Landing Page Conversion Rate :The percentage of visitors to your site who take a desired action, such as purchasing a product or filling out a form.Landing Page Conversion RateThis type of tracking must be set up manually in Google Analytics, easily seen in HubSpot (as in the shot below) or in landing page creation tools such as Lead Pages. The higher the better here! When your conversion rate is high, you know your content is bringing the right people to your site – those who are interested in what you have to say and ultimately, to sell. It can also be a reflection of the consistency of your messaging. For example, if you share an image on social media that links to a landing page, does the message on social align tightly with that on the landing page, or is there a disconnect?
  4. Bounce Rate: Bounce rate is the percentage of new visitors who leave your site without viewing more than one page.When it comes to bounce rate, the lower the better.Bounce Rate google analytics

We want visitors to stick around and read more content. However, when your content is helpful and the way visitors find you is optimized so the content meets their exact needs, you may have a high bounce rate even with a fantastic website

If you see your bounce rate increase, examine your website’s navigation – is it intuitive? People get frustrated when they can’t get around easily. Is your website slow to load? Is it lacking in calls to action? One way to keep people around longer is to link to related pages within your site.

A high bounce rate can hurt your search engine rankings, so try to get it as low as possible. Though high bounce rate is not always a terrible thing, and it doesn’t necessarily reflect a problem with your website, do try to lower it.

Source: business2community 

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