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Different types of technologies have evolved these days. One such technology is “voice”. Using the human voice in different online spaces is gaining popularity. Voice technology has become a real game-changer in digital media. The interaction between human and machine is influenced by voice. Online searches, personal transaction and other kinds of everyday online transaction are done using voice technology.

The increasing familiarity of voice technology has got almost 55% of the users to use voice assistants every day and they are also called as “voice users”. Such users find it easier to use the voice technology to do texting, voice memos, searching, shopping and financial transactions.

The advantages of using voice technology are:

Easy access to the technology

Ease of access to technology is one of the best aspects the brings more consumers to the business. As far as the users find the technology easier, the product or the service of the business become more familiar to the users. The frequency of usage of the particular business will increase considerably. After all, the business is for the consumers.

Moreover, it will be easy for any type of people to communicate with the device or the system to do the transaction they are actually looking for. People who could not walk do not have to depend on someone. They can purchase and do transactions easily using voice technology.

Easy search

Search becomes easier for the users when they use voice search. In this internet and smartphone era, most of the people spend considerable time online and a survey says, day by day searching habit of the people becomes increasing.

For education, shopping, entertainment, financial transaction and for every other purpose people do search online. Voice technology eases the search and most of the internet prefer voice search as they could do it easily in their smartphone.

Easy financial transactions

Since it is comfortable and easy, internet users prefer online for payment, banking and financial transactions. With voice technology, people could pay and do required financial transactions easily on the go. No need to spend time in typing and choosing the transactions. Be it on POS machines, vending machines and many other machines used for financial transactions, voice technology becomes quite useful for quick and easy interactions.

Friendly voices and names

Friendly voices and names are wonderful features in voice technology. After multiple surveys, it has been found that when it comes to interacting with the machines or devices or computers, most of the consumers like to interact with the friendly female voices that gives clear information. Female voice was a stronger choice as users feel it as supportive, helpful and trustworthy.

Intuitive interfaces

The intuitive interface is nothing but the interface that works in a way that the user expects it to be. Depends on the type of business and the place, intuitive interface supported in voice technology gives a warm feeling to the users as they could see their expectations get satisfied.

Easy to use for people of all age groups

Imagine how an old person could use modern devices and machines to access some information or to purchase or for whatever? They have to know the functionality of the system or the app or the device to utilize it to the best. For old age, people or small kids using modern technology may take the time or they may not use it to the fullest. With the help of voice technology any person, despite their age, they can access, search, purchase, and do any kind of transactions without hassles.


Thus, voice technology offers a lot of benefits to the users. As listed above, access and transaction can be done by any person on any day. The friendliness and accuracy of voice technology attract users to a great extent. Therefore, every business should ensure to use voice technology wherever it is necessary. Voice technology satisfies customers. What else a business could desire!!!

Owning a website has become more common in this digital era. Even the non-business individuals do have a website to showcase something. It may not be important for an individual with no connection to any business but when it comes to a business or product or an entrepreneur, the website is essential in different perspectives. When you get to think about having a website, different questions may arise in you. One of the major questions you would come up with is Why Do I Need a Website? If the ultimate purpose of having a website is revealed or identified everything would fall into the lines. So why do you need a website? Let’s check it.

A better communication between your business and audience


Introduction and Communication

First of all, a website is a better communicating medium through which you Introduction and Communicationintroduce your products or services to the audience. The fact is that the digital communication has become a major communication between consumers and businesses in these modern days. A large number of people spend a considerable amount of time online these days. Getting your business or products or services to the huge audience will be easy through online with a website. The website shows who you are or what your business is and invites the people into your business and reveals your products and services.






A better way for interaction and conversion

Interaction and Conversion


People from anywhere can get to know about your Interaction and Conversionbusiness/product/service. At any time, they will be able to visit your website. This increases the advertisement to your business or brand. As people come to know about your business they will start communicating or interacting with you if they are interested, thus you can catch the target audience. As your site gets visible in search engine through SEO process, visitors will increase to your site eventually a way to get potential customers gradually.


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In this modern era a lot of people especially the youngsters like to become entrepreneurs rather than working in hectic shifts. It is really appreciative that the young minds think to take responsibility for owning a start-up. It is important to understand that start-up is not something new these days as a bunch of start-ups are already playing successfully in the market. This proves that every new start-up that buds in the market should have to face the competition undoubtedly. Entrepreneurs have to be sure about planning properly to thrive in the competition. Actually, the question arises here is how to thrive in the competition. Let’s see it here.

Importance of marketing in online

As far as withstanding or winning in the competition is concerned, marketing and promotion are more important. Marketing may not be new, but wait, I don’t mean the old school marketing strategies. The old school marketing strategies are over. Factually this is high time for online/internet marketing and promotion otherwise called as digital marketing.

The indomitable power of the internet is obvious and inevitable. Moreover, these days, a lot of people spend a considerable amount of time online. A huge number of people are active on social media sites also. Therefore, digital marketing is the best way to reach a huge number of audience. Again, a question arises here. How to do marketing online? Go ahead, let’s see it in detail.

Why do you need a website?

The website is the basic need to do marketing and promotions in online. The website is the address or location of a business/start-up in online. The website gives detailed information about the business/start-up/product/service. The website is the place where the audience gets landed through the search engine when they search for anything in search engines.


  • Obviously, the website brings the people/audience in.
  • The contents provided on the website convinces the audience to become potential customers as far as possible.
  • Digital marketing for a start-up begins from the website.
  • The target audiences from social networking sites of a start-up are re-directed to the website to find detailed information and for purchase
  • A professional website is a must for the small businesses and start-ups to reach the audience, the target audience.

Why should you do promotion?

Marketing is one part of reaching the people and promotion is the other part. Promotion is done to attract the people about the product/service of the start-up. Marketing prepares the customer base and promotion does take the product/services to the audience. Promotion keeps the people get updated about the services offered by the start-up. Promotion is not only beneficial to prepare for the sales but it also enhances the sales through customer retention.


  • Boosts sales
  • Increases brand awareness
  • Generates traffic
  • Maintains customer retention

It drives every entrepreneur to thrive in competition but it will not be possible without a professional website. Having a professional website and following a successful strategy for promotion will benefit the start-up to generate more sales leads, to boost sales and to increase the profit.


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In this competitive world not only physical existence is important but also virtual existence is equally importantly. In order to be present virtually one should make sure that he/she makes all the efforts needed. For a small business it is necessary to be present online because only then it can be discovered by people. In order to make a business successful it is important that the target customers are aware of the new business. This awareness can be created by opting digital marketing solutions and then using them properly.

One can promote his business on the social media through numerous ways. But it is essential to choose the way which involves low cost and is easy.

Here are some best digital marketing solutions which can help small business grow:-


Blogging can help retain customer’s attention and can also help retain the relationships with them which have been built. Updating your website with regular blogs which are new and fresh will leave a very good impact on the new readers as well as on those who are the frequent readers of you blog posts. When the regular readers return to your website you should be sure that your website offers a fresh content. This will help to maintain the regularity of those visiting your websites again. Regular visiting on your website will help your business achieve a good place in the market. And these visitors might also tell other people about you business thus helping you capture a good market share.

And also a good and regular blog will also affect your rank in common search engines which is very good for small business.


Email marketing can help establish good relations with the customers. The only thing that has to be kept in mind is that the content of the email should be very fascinating and should be such that it leaves a very good impact on the visitors and also one should ensure that the content compels the visitor to himself subscribe to the emails.

Email marketing is an old way of marketing a small business but can lead to good results as well. People might take it as a spam. So to avoid this misinterpretation make sure to keep the content unique.


Online presence through Facebook, Twitters, LinkedIn and Google + helps increase your audience, boost your brand, increases sales and cater SEO.

One should get his business verified with Google My business and simultaneously should also possess a Google+ account. One should also have a Facebook page which should be optimized. Possessing a twitter account and a company page which should be connected with LinkedIn are important too.

Ensure that you are connected to the tools above so as to make your small business grow. Getting connected to the above social media platforms will help you make your online presence and also will help you be live all the time on social media.


SEO or search engine optimization means optimizing your website so that it can be discovered by top search engines at the right time and also it gets discovered by the right people too. A good SEO strategy would mean a website which is responsive and has a good content.

Responsive web design would mean a website design which is easily accessible on mobile phones, tablets etc. This would help user to access the website by cell phones too which would again be very beneficial for the business.

Good and unique content on the other hand would help your website rank on the top in comparison to other websites.


An appealing website means such a website that captures the attention of the users this is because a website represents the online presence of the business. So your online presence should be very captivating. This can be done by making use of pictures, videos etc. One can also put the pictures of the employees to make it look more capturing and fascinating.

Not only the look of the website the developer should ensure that all the web pages on the websites are systematically arranged and also make sure that the necessary information is easily readable by the visitor. The website should contain all the sections like contact us page, about us page etc so that the visitors doesn’t waste their precious time looking for it.

Business is something which keeps one busy. Basically it means transfer of goods or services from a seller to a buyer. This everyone of is known to. Business can be done both the ways: traditional and modern.

Traditional way of doing business means owning a physical store and then carrying out the purchasing and selling. This way of conducting business do yield profit but not enough money can be generated through it.

Modern way of doing business means owning a website i.e. having an online presence. Benefits are simple i.e. more attention of people leading to more sales which in turn leads to more profits.

So this makes it very important to own a website especially for small businessman who is struggling to capture a market share.

Here are some reasons as to how a website can help:-


According to a survey, 6 out of 10 customers look for a brand’s website to know more about the product they are willing to buy. This reason is sufficient for a small business to possess a website because the customer expects it.

In a world of technology today, every customer expects a business for some kind of online information about their products or services. A business with no website will never grow because now days the customers are very antsy and thus might switch to some other brand.



A good percentage of customers rely on the reviews about the products. In simple sense reviews play a very vital role in influencing a person’s decision about a certain product.

A business can take the help of review sites to get good review about their product and hence increase their business.



Possessing a website gives one a virtual presence on the web. Traditionally business has relied on billboards and hoardings in order to capture people’s attention but it is not successfully to a very good extent.

On the other hand in modern time’s online presence can help a person to capture a large amount of people’s attention thus adding value to ones business.



Having a website is important but sometimes people get confused about how to go about with it? Today internet has all the answers to such questions. WordPress a very popular tool help small businessmen to own their website that too at a very low cost. Not only this the tool also helps in content management i.e. it makes sure that a particular website is updated with fresh content so that it ranks on the top of famous search engines.



Possessing a website today does not necessarily requires a person to possess technical knowledge. He/she can own a website even if he/she is not good with computers.

This is because many free tools are available which provide online tutorials where a person can learn about how a website can be developed and also some basic knowledge about running a website.


  1. Competitors have a Website:

It’s always said to “Be Competitive”. There is nothing wrong in being competitive because it can help sometimes. A business man should be very well known to his competitors in the market and should try to be in par with him.

A recent report revealed that about 72 percent of people have the habit of researching about the product they are planning to buy. Now for their research they will obviously rely on the internet. Here a website plays a very big role. If one doesn’t have a website you are directly giving a chance to your consumers to buy it from some other company who possess a website.



We all have a time table and we work according to that. But it is not necessary that everyone has the same time table as that of ours. We might prefer to sleep at night but some people may not. Many a times people have the habit of staying awake at night and shop at that time. Here a website is very important. If one has a website a customer can go through it at any time i.e. 24*7 according to his convenience. He will not have to wait for the morning for the store to open.



A website will not only benefit the consumers but in turn can benefit your staff as well which will in turn lead to a good benefit for the business.

All you have to do is to build an orphan page which will not be visible to the public. Your employees can access this page. Update this page with the necessary information like new products and some instructional videos. This will keep the employees updated and trained.



Unlike traditional means one can display their products more creatively and in an artistic way through the help of pictures. This plays a very important role in attracting a customer.



Manually collection of information can be a headache. Because it requires you to then type and upload it in your database. But if one has an online presence the customer can upload their details themselves and you can automatically upload it in your database using the cut, copy and paste option which sounds much easier and time saving.

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In this digital era where everyone is dependent on internet for even the basic needs, it is very important for a business to have its online presence. Online presence doesn’t mean making a website, uploading the required information but it means owning a website which is visually captivating and holds the visitors attention for a long duration of time. These days website development is an easy to do job because of so any tools available for designing a website but the story doesn’t end here.

Designing a website is easy but keeping it up to date and in par with the websites of the competitors is important. One can have an effective website if he/she keeps in mind some of the principles of having an innovative and effective website design.

Some of these principles are listed below:


Recent statistics of OuterBox revealed that about 90 percent of the people prefer their cell phones for shopping rather than going for computer websites. People find their smart phones easy and hence they prefer them. Also these days every business has its app which can be used for shopping purposes. Thus, a website should be such that it is mobile friendly too.



Every businessman should keep in mind to have an appropriate domain name for his website. He can choose to have a number of domain names that describes the website. A domain name can be the name of the company as well.

Having a domain names helps one to find your website and hence an effective way to attract traffic on your website.



If you have a business website, the people should be able to contact you for any kind of queries related to your product or service. Thus, make sure that all your contact information is placed at a place where it can be easily seen.

In case you have any kind of links available make sure to place them as well.

You can either place them in the beginning or at the end so that the visitors don’t have to go through the problem of searching it all through your site.



For a website to be effective and innovative proper theme selection is important. Themes play a vital role in make your website visually impactful. You cannot just go for themes just because you like it instead go for themes that best suits your websites’ niche and also it should match the reason for which your website is created.





Appropriate layout selection is very essential. A layout should be visually so impactful that it grabs the attention of the visitors. A website layout basically involves advertisements, pop up windows, banners and all kind of links.

Like it is said “Simplicity is the ultimate Sophistication”, always keep it simple. In simple words, in order to have a successful business website one should keep the layout simple.

Try to avoid unnecessary advertisement and pop up windows.



Another important thing to be kept in mind while designing an effective website is the “Content”. The quality of content should be very good i.e. it should be distinct. One should always practice to regularly amend and update the content of the website. If amendments are done on a regular basis visitors will be attracted and hence traffic is generated.



Accurate information is very important. You should always be very particular and accurate with the information that your website comprises of. Information can be about the contact details, addresses, information about the product etc.

If you have a habit of updating your website make sure you go for proofreading before it goes live. Any information which is not accurate or contains any type of errors be it grammatical or anything else, it can hamper your website performance.



We often come across pop-up windows asking to subscribe. This is very important. In case any visitor liked anything about your website he/she would like to stay updated with all sorts of information. For this a visitor will always look for a subscribe button.

Make sure to place this button in a place where it can be found easily.

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