Kudosta Solutions LLP is a full-service Website Development Company based in INDIA Worldwide. Along with website development and internet marketing services, Kudosta is up with a few blogs so as to enhance and provide a positive user experience and with a motive to educate people about the various insights of websites building and importance of digital marketing.



    8 MISTAKES MADE BY COMPANIES IN DESIGNING A MOBILE RESPONSIVE DESIGN We all are familiar with the fact that there has been an immense shift to mobile phones for all sorts of internet activities. This brings out a point as to how to design an effective mobile responsive design. Every company is in the favour of this idea of re...

  • benefits of a responsive website design to busienss

    Benefits of Responsive website design to business

    Responsive website design might sound complicated but is a very easy concept. It basically means a website design which is compatible both with the desktop and mobiles or tablets. One might think why is this important? The answer to this is quite simple that people toda...

  • 10-Reasons-Every-Small-Business-Should-Have-A-Website

    10 Reasons Every Small Business Should Have A Website

    Business is something which keeps one busy. Basically it means transfer of goods or services from a seller to a buyer. This everyone of is known to. Business can be done both the ways: traditional and modern. Traditional way of doing business means owning a physical store and then carrying out the purchasing and selling. This way of conductin...

  • 8 key benefits of SEO Services for Small Businesses

    8 key benefits of SEO Services for Small Businesses For a small business to expand, SEO plays a very vital role. It not only changes your websites’ search results but also has many more advantages. If we talk in general when we search for something on Google we obvi...

  • 8 Tips to Measure and Improve the ROI of Your Website

      Unique Visitors: Called “Users” in Google Analytics, this number refers to the number of visitors who have been to your site in the given date range. Success is measured by an overall upward trend, even if it’s slow at first. Marketing campaigns and special promotions should result in a spike in visitors. Improve this ...

  • how to improve your website ux aduit

    How to Improve Your Website’s User Experience with a UX Audit

    A UX Audit will solve problems quickly and deliver a huge ROI. This is not just a statement , but a sobering fact: according to HubSpot research, 1/3 of all new websites fail. Although most organizations never take the time and efforts to calcula...

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