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Kudosta Solutions LLP is a full-service Website Development Company based in INDIA Worldwide. Along with website development and internet marketing services, Kudosta is up with a few blogs so as to enhance and provide a positive user experience and with a motive to educate people about the various insights of websites building and importance of digital marketing.

  • 9 Proven Tips to Improve User Experience and Boost Organic Traffic on the Website

    9 Proven Tips to Improve User Experience and Boost Organic Traffic on the Website

    The first thing to understand is that your website has a PURPOSE. It is the “solution” for the visitors. You have to keep on updating it with the digital trends to attract more visitors. The simplest way is to track progress using analytics. If you can notice that your analytics...

  • Website page speed: why it matters and how to improve it

    Website page speed: why it matters and how to improve it

    Since the year 2010, Google has considered page speed as a basic criterion to provide the best search ranking on the web. Thus, speed is a vital part of the search ranking diet for businesses today. Not only this, astounding on-page user experience is another requirement. Both are necessary for...

  • Best programming language

    Best Programming Language for Web development in 2021 and Beyond

    Do you know the fact that customers are engaged on the website only if it does not have any technical errors? This may be slow page loading time, broken links, a website is not responsive for the mobile users, and lack of SEO. Thus, business like yours needs to ensure...

  • kudosta-seo-business

    Here is Why Your Business can’t do Without SEO Beyond 2021

    In 2021 every business wants to rule the search engine ranking world like yours, right? You want your business to be on top to achieve better website optimization. This digital era offers several business opportunities like having a global reach for your brand that you would not like to miss!...

  • Virtualization-Cloud-Computing

    Virtualization vs. Cloud Computing: Things to Know About these Technologies

    While talking about Virtualization and Cloud Computing, it seems like we are discussing technology and the environment for a software application together. It is true because both of these technologies work hand in hand for improving the effectiveness of a business. With virtualization, you can create simulated virtual environments from...

  • Custom Web Development

    Custom Web Development What It Is & Why You May Need It

    A website should consist of interactive web designs to draw the attention of customers. It should compel visitors to buy your products or services. Therefore, custom web development is a crucial process where it is vital to understand the specific requirements of the customers. Proper planning is done to ensure...

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