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We have observed a change in IT trends. The shift from traditional marketing tactics to ever-growing digital marketing. From big desktop systems for programming to faster RAM/ROM-based laptops. This has all modified the way IT sectors are working now. If we talk about the operation, this has become dependent on outsourcing and external projects.

The clear indication heads towards the covid-19 that has changed the business processes. According to McKinsey, COVID-19 has made people rely on online services. In their survey, it is recorded that businesses have observed a major crisis in dealing with clients and generating ROI. The pandemic has affected software product development and created a hilarious situation for everyone.

The downfall in the global economy after the pandemic was around 3% has shivered the roots of businesses as mentioned by Statista. Yes, the pandemic was hilarious not only for people but for every sector.

Let us take you to the scenario when everything was under control & stable. Before COVID-19, the situation was like the clients used to give projects and pay the agencies or freelancers accordingly. That was a convenient option for both parties. Moreover, it was a benefit to the businesses that they could earn more.

The level of overseas GDP has now decreased and there is a new way that many clients have adopted to complete the ongoing and new projects. The ways to evaluate a software development company from the client’s point of view changed a lot. They are looking for a sophisticated business solution rather than experiencing a loss!

Now, it the time to acknowledge you with the post covid scenario. The shock after the pandemic was not only in the lives of people but affected the ways in which businesses used to work. The international clients have decided to give projects on a monthly basis. Employees need to work on the required projects within 30 days then the payment is initiated. This might be in regards to safeguarding the quote offered by the IT companies or freelancers. Now, employers want developers to work on a salary basis. Most freelancers or agencies are facing challenges to find the right client. The same is happening with the clients. They are not getting reliable people for work.

Freelancers or Software Development Agencies?

It is said that ‘getting late in choosing right has always been better than choosing wrong’. This is not only the fact but the reality from which most people are running. A better face-off is when you know that whatever challenge would be, you are ready to face it.

Best Software Development Company for your Next Project?

Whatever the condition COVID has created for us, we should not stop believing that people with great skills do exist. Being a client, you can thoughtfully understand that a project with faster completion but poor-quality work is not appreciated. Rather a tidy, supreme quality, to do the point work is recognized everywhere.

Freelancers: Hiring freelancers on a monthly basis can be a reliable option when you want smaller projects to be done. Individuals involved in freelancing consider it as a passive income and accordingly complete the tasks. However, this has some cons as well. The main concern for you can be related to communication.

Considering your needs as a priority, we would suggest you conduct online meetings with the consulting person. This will show the sincerity of the individual whether he/she is dedicated or responsible towards their task. No or improper communication means you are utilizing your time in the wrong thing.

Most freelancers are not available full-time which creates an issue in any updation required. Many times, this creates a barrier between you and them. Also, they have a limited skill set which is again trouble for you. As a client, you cannot assign a random task to a freelancer. You need to consult a different freelancer for that. Think, how difficult it can get to share your requirements and get it done according to you!

This can be a money-saving option that may be good for you in the short term. But in long term, you need a group of people who could make the project according to your requirements. Choose wisely!

An Agency: A strong business means a group of highly skilled and disciplined employees. These can be freelancers or the ones you hire through the agencies. Businesses in the IT sector is done in buckets which are described below –

  • Onshore agencies mean they are in the same country as you are residing
  • Offshore agencies are outside of your country
  • Nearshore means residing in the neighboring countries
  • Hybrid who deals with onshore and offshore clients

In the post-COVID-19 scenario, it will be feasible for you to hire any software development company. You can pick out anyone basis on the above buckets to get your project delivered. These will help you in dealing the complex projects. You can find the agencies from the internet or digital platforms such as LinkedIn, Fiverr, Upwork, etc.

A single, responsible person known as a project head with assist you with your every small and big need. The deadlines, quality, features of the software or a service everything will be according to you.

You might be thinking why it is getting difficult? How to get the right firm? What tactics to use for hiring an efficient developer? How to manage the cost? From where to get a valuable employee?

Your concerns are truly acceptable. Anyways it is not just software but a complete project for managing the image of your business. Hiring developers from top agencies will impart qualitative results for your business. The experienced designers and developers will carefully handle your small or large projects easily.

You are the client and you will definitely have the flexibility to communicate with the agency at any time you find suitable. Secondly, the quote for each software development process will be reasonable as you have to pay for the project scope. It will be scalable, durable, and tested by experts.

However, the decision of choosing one of the two will always be yours. It should be according to the time, budget, and type of projects you require to accomplish.

Struggling for an on-demand mobile & web app development solution? Well, you stopped at the right page. Mobile app and web development in this modern world are like finding a pool of ideas. Because you never know when your idea gets outdated. Talking about the customers, they do not like to access complicated apps they want them to be interactive.

In this blog, I will let you know how you can improve business productivity with an easy way by building efficient web applications.

As the world is experiencing technological advancements, users require frequent changes in the application. This becomes a source of problems for the developers. Thus, they need a solution for enhancing UI to meet the ever-changing demand of users.

What is React JS?

When it comes to upgrading software applications several times, developers must choose React JS. It has been 10 years since React is developed by Facebook and it still has a place in the front-end development process. React is a popular JavaScript library to build user interfaces. React JS works on components that make the work of developers easier.There is no need to add code, developers have to change the state of components and the work is done.

Angular or React?

Angular is a framework while react is a library. However, the only similarity is that both works on a component-based architecture. React focuses on the view that should be in synchronization. Another reason to choose React JS is that it uses virtual DOM that impacts speed like that you have experienced from Instagram.

Features of React JS


React native is an extension that is used to develop mobile apps that are compatible with cross-platform. Debugging tools are also available to make the application reliable. Businesses can use this React Native framework to build robust mobile applications.

Server-side rendering

The application will be rendered to the server and not the browser that ultimately makes it effective to use. Also, applications are scalable which means frequent changes can be made without affecting the website’s structure.

Awesome Performance

If you are worried about the website’s structure then stay relaxed. Coding in React JS is done in a downward flow that does not affect parent structure while making suitable changes in the child’s structure. Note that only the state of an object is modified in the code. This is the reason that applications are stable and smooth in performance.


React JS can be used with other languages and frameworks. You can add many functionalities to the web app while maintaining its performance. This is a benefit for you as a business to build cross-platform apps. Android and iOS are the most popular platforms on which mobile apps are designed. So, you can use both or any one of these to build a mobile app for your business.

Helpful tools available for developers

This open-source tool is easy to understand for beginners. You have free supportive tools and tricks to help you out with web application development.

SEO Friendly

The basic requirement of businesses is to drive traffic to their website. The web app should be SEO-friendly to drive traffic to it. With React you can easily optimize it.

Why do Businesses use it?

Businesses that have large web and mobile apps make use of React JS due to its flexibility feature. It also gives several usability features. Buttons, checkboxes, comments, and feedback are some of the elements that users like to interact with. This keeps their hold on to your software application for a longer duration. When your business is a startup, you begin with a simple website describing your brand. But as your business grows, you need to modify it multiple times. At this level, you can make use of React JS for developing an alluring front-end. Another benefit is that its workflow is easily understandable by the developers. Therefore, there is no need to train the developers; they can learn React library in a shorter period.


React has gained popularity in recent years and with the increase in the use of the mobile application, demand for a React JS developer is increased. If you want to be hired for the React JS developer profile then gain more technical knowledge in the programming domain. Create a faster, effective, and reliable web application with React JS for ultimate business growth.

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