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Businesses faced challenges in finances in the past 2 years due to pandemic. Physical interactions were prohibited as the lockdown was imposed in the different countries of the world. Mostly, the retailers or small shop owners experienced less productivity. Most of their products were rancid that decreased the ROI of their business.

There was hope left when the Government declared that online businesses will not be interrupted during the coronavirus outbreak.  Then the companies moved their business online taking baby steps in this field. That was the time when e-commerce came into action. Amazon and Flipkart are popular e-commerce sites that have increased their sales rate by 32% in the year 2020.

If you are also looking for solutions to convert your offline retail store to online, build an e-commerce website! It will give a boost to your business by generating leads.  Ohh, you already have a WordPress website and want to make it e-commerce? Don’t worry we will help you to build a prodigious website using WooCommerce Customization.

What is WooCommerce?

It is a plugin for WordPress that is designed for the purpose to build awesome functional e-commerce websites. WordPress allows its users to start a blog or vlog and on the other hand, it helps commercial businesses to shift online. Functionalities like add to cart, payment options, and items arranged in categories help customers to identify your e-commerce solutions easily.

How does it help in businesses?

You can add different functionalities to the website that will increase user engagement. For example-

  • Payment Gateway: This feature redirects customers to the shopping cart and provides convenient payment options. It enables faster checkout by the customers who are residing at a different location from the local store.
  • Order management: e-commerce website allows you to manage the inventory by notifying for the products that are delivered or are in stock.
  • Vendor and customer information: access level control helps in managing existing and new customer details. You can also analyze whether the order from a vendor is received or not.
  • Navigation: insert superb navigation with WooCommerce so that customers find their time worth spending on your website. Product management and analytics are the vital menu items that can be added to the navigation bar for better accessibility.
  • Customized e-commerce website: This plugin helps web developers to create a high-quality store. At Kudosta we will be going to make your e-commerce website SEO friendly by Customizing it with WooCommerce.
  • Alluring storefront: How you keep your retail shops? Tidy and properly structured? Similarly, with WooCommerce you will be able to create an appealing storefront to grab the attention of the visitors.

It will be an advantage if you already have a WordPress website. This plugin helps in modifying the website functionalities in the future as well. Allow us to make required changes to make it reliable to use.

Why this plugin is liked by the developers?

During the website development process, developers have to recognize the budget and tools required for it. It becomes trouble for them If they don’t get the appropriate development tools. WooCommerce is made for developers and is an open-source plugin that is cost-effective to use. Investment is required during the website customization part otherwise a basic website can be easily developed.

WooCommerce plugin is effective for beginners. It provides strong frameworks that built interactive web applications. It allows developers to create either a basic online store or a customized one. It is open-source, thus, cost-effective to use.

The best thing about WooCommerce is that being a developer you can make suitable changes in the web application whenever you want. It is easy to configure. You can add multiple features to the online store.

Other than this, WooCommerce is secure and you do not need to have great technical skills to work on it. Beginners can choose to work with such a plugin. To start working with WooCommerce you will need to install WordPress, take its domain name and hosting. Then install WooCommerce and extend it with the available themes and plugins.


This easy-to-use plug-in is capable of accomplishing your e-commerce business requirements promptly. You will not need to pay for the customized themes as they will be budget-friendly for you. The secret to a successful business is its representation to the customers. Thus, improve your website with WooCommerce customization today! Contact US Kudosta Team

Design audits are conducted to improve quality, usability, and user experience for the users of a website. It is a consistent process and keeps on changing with time. It is done to get an overview of the elements that are used in designing. As a beginner, you need to focus on user-centric enhancements. UX audits are purely based on measurement (not theoretical) data from the analytics of a website.

Why Businesses Conduct Design Audit?

When a business gets established within 3 to 5 successful years, inconsistencies are observed in their website/ This can be due to frequently changing business models, client requirements, or some other group of employees handling the website. A design audit solves such issues and helps businesses to maintain their brand image once again. This process takes time but it gives awesome results. There are two ways in which business can perform design audits-

In both cases, the current website design will be restructured to increase customer interaction with the website and to leverage the conversion rates. Redesigning can be of new products as well.

Steps to Perform Design Audit

1. Compare Business Goals with Analytics

Analytics gives website data for the total number of impressions for example: how many users engaged (liked or shared the content). From this data, you will get an idea to understand user behaviors. This will help you to examine whether the business goals are achieved or not.   If you require more information, you can conduct stakeholder interviews or surveys. Secondly, set new goals and priorities for re-designing a website.

2. Create Success Metrics

You can perform certain actions such as-

  • Domain checkup
  • Robots file checkup
  • XML sitemap file
  • Page quality

a. Domain checkup

Security is the key element for business websites that’s why a domain checkup is required. This is done to ensure the installation of an SSL certificate. Remember that website should serve users on an HTTPS server otherwise it will not be considered secure by the search engine. Also, redirect HTTPS from HTTP if it is not done yet.

b. Robots file checkup

This (robots. text) file should be saved under a root folder with valid instructions. If you are a beginner then do not use this checkup for the website. The reason is that the Javascript or an image folder should not be blocked. These assets are effective to redirect traffic to a desired website’s location. The benefit of the robots file is that you can include a site map URL in it which gives information to the search engines and makes crawling easier.

c. XML sitemap file

This checkup serves for SEO as well. It provides a way for search engine crawlers to read the website. You need to inspect the home page and its associated links. Sitemap file needs to be free from errors otherwise it will mess up the navigation.

d. Page quality

The title should be eccentric with a length of 285-575 pixels. Be careful with meta description as it should be unique and used only once on a web page. Use the canonical tag to address traffic on your website because there might be many companies with the same data. The canonical tag will give an identity to the website’s links.

3. Competitor Analysis

Observing other websites similar to your business can help to improve conversions. This will give you an idea of website traffic, search engine ranking, and website usability. You can study the design strategy that has been used on other websites to make suitable changes in yours too. We recommend you to take reviews from the real users to upgrade the website as your target is to gain more visitors. Your genuine audience is a reliable source for performing design audits.

4. Usability Review

A design audit is about finding and resolving design flaws in the website. You have to consistently monitor which design element is not working. Consider the task flow of the website processes such as scroll bar, buttons, links, relevant content, etc.  This step generally involves user testing to maintain the quality and efficiency of the website.

5. Update Visual Elements

Logo design, content readability, video quality, relevancy of infographics, social media integration of a website are all its visual elements. Start by redesigning “LOGO”. Upgrade its clarity it should not be blurred. You can change the theme of a website with contrast colors and images. Review the content using analytics data and work on that particular web page of the website.

6. Compile Report

This report will be an insight into the flaws detected in the website. It shall give the data of user engagement with the content. You need to evaluate the risks according to this report. Align the images in perfect order, use appropriate website structure, and build up back the broken links of the website. This information can be used by the project managers to help them build a better design strategy.

We are sure that these steps will help you to redesign your website efficiently. Also, analytics data and user reviews will help you to make changes faster to the website. Contact us Now!

The first thing to understand is that your website has a PURPOSE. It is the “solution” for the visitors. You have to keep on updating it with the digital trends to attract more visitors. The simplest way is to track progress using analytics. If you can notice that your analytics is not giving you the expected data then there is a problem that you need to identify and resolve at the earliest.

Those lost impressions can reveal that your website is not responsive for mobile users or the content is not relevant as per their needs. On the other hand, slow loading pages and broken links of navigation can lead to poor Website Structure.

Do you want visitors to interact with your brand?

Focus on UX Improvements! Website is not just writing a piece of code, you need to give a lot more to generate ROI. Thus, to turn around the tables, you need to enhance the UX of your website.

Defining UX

User Experience (UX) means to provide relevant and meaningful information to users worldwide via your website. It means that you can’t upload anything that is simply data. The content should be authoritative. UX is not limited to the website development process but it also works for converting website visitors into customers.

Tips for enhancing user’s experience are as follows-

Build a proper structure

Developers should focus on constructing a reliable hierarchy to make scrolling convenient for the visitors. Putting up the layout and font style as per the user’s requirements will make your website appealing. The website should be-

  • Error-free
  • Valuable
  • Users can take action on it
  • It should be user-friendly

Navigation links should be working properly

You have to understand that users are not a GPS who can track where your web page is taking them. You must provide them a path to connect to your website. If you want prospects to get converted into leads and then to customers, work in the internal links effectively. You can give several options to the users to stay on a page like-

  • Call-to-action buttons
  • Social media options
  • Business portfolios
  • Adding infographics on pages like home

In short, the user should be directed to another page because a user will not be going to spend the whole day surfing simply a web page.

Mobile friendly

Nowadays, users have mobile phones in their hands most of the time. For searching food, travel places, information on health, and anything; so your website should be mobile responsive. In this pandemic situation, people are using mobile devices for earning, learning, and managing a business. Not only messaging but these are also used for video conferencing purposes. A report by Nytimes describes that mobile apps got more popularity than web applications from the past year 2020.

Footer Navigation

Designers and digital marketers should not forget that people access the whole website. If your footer links aren’t working properly, then it will create an issue. But do not load it with too many buttons. You can add social media pages, contact info or if you have news for your visitors then it will be great.

Use a Search bar

This is the basic strategy that every developer use is to embed a search bar in the website. Believe that users don’t spend their entire day on one website. To provide them the answers faster, you can use the “search bar”. It will allow users to find whatever they want within fewer seconds. This enhancement will upgrade the credibility of your website.

Website Optimization

Whether your business is small or large, optimizing your website could uplift your brand online. Without optimization, your website might appear on the 2nd or 3rd page or more of SERP which is not a good sign. To rank on top, you need to make it usable for mobile and desktop users. A simple design with informative content linked with authoritative websites will surely work.


Relevance should be a key that you must use to unlock consumer’s conversion rates. Use visuals appropriately; these should be placed on a web page that is most frequently visited like a home or service page. Another aspect is that users like to have pages that respond to them quickly when they click on a product or shopping cart. Therefore, you need to fix UX to get responses from the customers. Video is always a good thing to attract them.

Remove extra White Spaces

Margin is important to make the content appealing but it should not be harming a brand’s reputation. Allow your website to breathe with white space. A well-defined header with a menu bar and call to action is the complete recipe you need to increase website traffic. If you find unwanted white space on the website, remove it immediately!

User Testing

The last step of improving UX is to test what you have built. You can share the website with fewer users so that they can check the features and functionality. These users can be your colleagues or someone from family. You can also add a feedback button on a web page to get genuine responses from the users.

Epilogue for the Blog

Analytics is a great way to understand what is happening over the website. Only building and launching it over the web should not be the case. Instead, you have to maintain it by optimizing it properly. Your website is your front face, beautify it with these UX improvements and then watch the ever-increasing ROI of your brand. However, effective market research is one of the ways businesses can achieve success in generating leads. Contact us Now!

Do you know the fact that customers are engaged on the website only if it does not have any technical errors? This may be slow page loading time, broken links, a website is not responsive for the mobile users, and lack of SEO. Thus, business like yours needs to ensure that your developers are using a best programming language for web development. The most famous language is Java but developers can only use it for server-side they need a language for full-stack development considering the present-day needs. We will be discussing which language is best and what were the previously used languages and how the new ones can positively affect your business.

You all have heard about WordPress that it allows you to create a blog or a website. It provides domain, hosting, and many other features. But there are some of its disadvantages that is diverting the interest of developers to other programming languages like Python. Plugins in WordPress are not well built, thus, you cant perform SEO, regular updates can consume a lot of time. Themes in WordPress are identical which can lead to business issues. Considering all such facts, we have listed down some of the best programming languages that you can use in 2021 for Website Development.

Python is a great language to develop a code for the website. It has several frameworks, libraries, and tools to create a web application. This language is versatile and is best suitable for data science, automation and scripting. For example, Django can be used for developing Full-Stack Web Applications.

List of top programming languages for the developers-


This language allows developers to build both front-end and backend applications. You can use react native to build mobile applications as well. Frameworks and libraries that it offers helps in creating a personalized web application.


As discussed above, python has several benefits and also it helps developers to create a website within no time. Flask can be used if you want to add minimalistic features.


It helps in adding several functionalities to the web application, mainly used for server-side scripting. The larval framework has a model view controller architectural pattern that allows you to create fantastic applications.


Mobile and web applications based on Java can be used in the field of banking or scientific services. This iconic language is used extensively by developers around the world.


If you want to build amazing Android applications, Kotlin can be a great choice. It is a combination of functional and procedural programming languages.


The existing demands of the customers are to have a system that could perform administration-related tasks and web development. However, Perl is one such general programming language that help developers in achieving specific customer goals.


It has built-in libraries through which developers can create desktop applications. It is also best for game development.


If are looking for a flexible content management system (CMS), choose WordPress.


Every business needs a database system to store, retrieve and manipulate data, thus, this structured query language is used to create a relational database management system.


Structure and style both are the basic requirements to build a web application, thus, HTML and CSS are the backbone of web development.


A product by Mozilla Corporation, it laid emphasis on speed and security.


It is a modern programming language that is an advanced version of Javascript + Helpful in resolving potential bugs from the code. It ensures safety in the javascript code that helps you to identify errors quickly. It has in-built debugging tools to make web development process damn easy.


It is best for modern iOS development. Apple watches and Apple TV’s can be created with it. You can build a profitable mobile app for overall business success.


Creating a complicated code for a web application can be challenging for the developers, thus, they can use concurrent programming like Scala. It allows easy web application customization according to the required data types.

We believe that now you are clear about which language you need to choose for developing your website. You can select any one of these programming languages for building a website. Professionals at Kudosta will help you with it. Contact us Now!

In 2021 every business wants to rule the search engine ranking world like yours, right? You want your business to be on top to achieve better website optimization. This digital era offers several business opportunities like having a global reach for your brand that you would not like to miss!

For this purpose, businesses need to perform search engine optimization for a website. Web competition is increasing day by day, so businesses need SEO that gives long-term results for their specific goals. If the SEO Strategies are planned and implemented in the right way, it gives staggering outcomes.

Businesses need to ensure that their website is discoverable online when a potential customer searches for their brand. Search engine optimization is not a game of a few hours, it is implemented for the long run. It gives you an idea of your competitors as it involves in-depth research. Thus, businesses like yours should build a definite strategy to generate leads.

Considering your essential business requirements, digital marketers at Kudosta, conduct campaigns using informative content to attain the attention of the public. We deal in B2B and B2C businesses. Our experts use on-page and off-page SEO practices to increase website traffic. Our SEO team uses exact keywords, conducts excellent market research, builds effective business strategies, runs campaigns, and more.

How SEO Works

SEO drives traffic to your website by improving its user experience. For SEO to get successful you have to make sure that your website is responsive and user-friendly. The reason is that crawlers of a search engine work well if your website gives an amazing user experience to the website visitors. To make it simple, you can add fresh content to the website as it helps in building new links and rankings. Adding videos, images, tips and tricks, and, facts create interest for visitors to surf the website.

Services Offered by Kudosta-

  • Digital strategy: we will be changing your business models to maximize the advantage of your core services. We will integrate new versions of software applications to the existing ones that will help you to generate more leads.
  • On-time project delivery: we value your time, thus, we accomplish SEO projects with the required quality including a reliable business plan and on its specific time.
  • Generates revenue: Our team of professionals will help your business to generate revenue by applying highly competitive keywords for your brand and choosing appropriate locations. This will allow your business to gain attention from people.
  • Enhance online Presence: There are numerous businesses similar to yours, we acknowledge your business requirements beforehand and give it a vibrant way to reach out to a broader audience globally. We create diverse backlinks to engage audiences for your business.

Benefit to Your Business

It is not enough for your business to be on rank 1 on a search engine, you have to be more active online. Via Google ads, your brand is advertised to the customers but you need to be available 24X7 to provide services to the customers. If you do not perform SEO then your business will lose its market value as you will lose the potential customer base that you have built. Therefore, conducting on-page and off-page SEO can help to build numerous links that direct customers to visit your business website. SEO not only allows ranking of specific keywords that we use like digital marketing services, but it also gives options like best digital marketing services. This keyword selection is vital to increase website traffic.

Without SEO, you cannot plan to have a great ROI because then you will not be able to optimize your website. It involves the upgradation of a website that directly contributes to improved user engagement. It is recommended for businesses to create a specific budget for implementing SEO tactics as these are the main source of generating leads. Remember that you need to have organic leads as well so don’t stop updating your website with fresh content. Also, keep in mind that proper SEO planning will help your businesses to perform SEO for newly built pages as well. Thus, Kudosta ensures its availability at any time you need. Feel free to reach us! Contact US Kudosta Team

While talking about Virtualization and Cloud Computing, it seems like we are discussing technology and the environment for a software application together. It is true because both of these technologies work hand in hand for improving the effectiveness of a business.

With virtualization, you can create simulated virtual environments from a single hardware system. It operates on only one server that helps businesses to improve business efficiency on a minimal budget. On the other hand, cloud computing provides seamless connectivity of data to the devices. It benefits the businesses as the data is saved at multiple locations on the cloud to create a backup in case of a security breach or power failure.

What is Virtualization?

This process involves running multiple operating systems on a computer system simultaneously. By virtualization, you can run applications virtually and with the desired speed. There is a single server through which several virtual machines and their applications are connected. These applications can be used by different users without affecting other virtual machines or processes. The most common example of virtualization is a hard drive that is used regularly to store the data. The computer system views it as a machine with different segments.

What is Cloud Computing?

This technology makes computing devices and resources available to the users via the internet. This technology helps businesses to enhance operational costs, manage their daily business process, and provide large storage space. It has several benefits like improving business productivity, increased speed on managing software applications, gives higher bandwidth to accomplish data transfer, and more. Data in cloud computing is secured using the data encryption authentication technique.

Understanding the Difference Between Virtualization and Cloud Computing

When comparing these two technologies, there is a slight difference in them but it can easily turn the pages of your business productivity. Virtualization allows developers to tolerate the risks of system failures. If a virtual machine or its application crashes then developers can restart the primary virtual machine to begin the process once again. This will not affect the functionalities of a computer. However, cloud computing works after the process of virtualization on a physical system. Later, the resources are shared and computing devices are allocated to the users using cloud computing.

Advantages of Virtualization

Server compatibility: There is only one server available in virtualization which is a risk at the time of server crash whereas cloud computing works on multiple servers. The crucial information is available over the internet that users can utilize anytime.

Infrastructure: with hardware integration in Virtualization You can Save Costs in Purchasing Physical Computers for Your Company. This feature is not available in cloud computing.

Storage: it is commonly known as SAN (Storage Area Network) wherein data is stored on multiple locations either a physical or virtual device. This allows easy access to data.

Advantages of Cloud Computing

Server compatibility: cloud computing works on multiple servers.

Infrastructure: This feature is not available in cloud computing. Except for SaaS, Iaas, and PaaS service models requires hardware to provide its services to the users.

Storage: Cloud computing offers a large space on the cloud to store the data. It gives agility to retrieve data from anywhere you would like to work from (office or home).

Cloud Computing Virtualization Solutions

Without your knowledge, you access virtualization applications every day at your workspace by accessing cloud environments. With Cloud Computing Virtualization Solutions, you can perform multiple business operations via virtual machines on a single hardware system. It gives the flexibility to access multiple OS to help your business increase manageability.  With fewer infrastructures, you can deploy web applications with the necessary features.

At Kudosta, we provide such solutions to allow you to private and public cloud computing environments to manage your client’s hardware and software needs. You have to invest in purchasing resources that you can allocate to multiple clients.

If your business requirements of physical computers are increasing day by day that need extra expenditure then you are at the right place. You need a cloud-oriented platform to reduce operational costs and increase business productivity. The cloud computing virtualization solutions that we provide will make your system scalable to use. Virtual machines will be isolated from the core computing devices to ensure data security. Moreover, the applications will utilize less power and hardware. Contact US Kudosta Team.

A website should consist of interactive web designs to draw the attention of customers. It should compel visitors to buy your products or services. Therefore, custom web development is a crucial process where it is vital to understand the specific requirements of the customers. Proper planning is done to ensure it is eye-catching; it shows the purpose of development and is scalable to use. Custom Web Development allows you to introduce features such as layouts, fonts, and colors to enhance the quality of your software products. Considering all these aspects, our programmers work on your Web Development Needs to Help you fulfill your business goals.

What is Custom Web Development?

Custom Web Development brings the profitability of a business. How? It gives excellent features to a website, makes it compatible with browser and computing devices. The smooth loading time and responsiveness of a website improve its search engine ranking.

The process of custom web design begins with a complete understanding of your business requirements. We develop custom web applications in a manner that it gives a personalized user experience, consists easy to navigate web pages, and is perfect to build an online presence of your business.

Our developers work on building a website as per your business goals. We want your business to have a higher ROI, thus, your demands are our priority.

Why You Need Custom Web Development?

Custom web solutions are required by businesses to communicate with their potential customers using visual elements. Graphics, videos, images, and content add value to the website. A customer receives all the necessary information in one place through it. An amazing thing to know is that users can access the web applications in their mobile devices too at anytime and from anywhere.

A custom Websites Include-

Colors and Design Elements

At Kudosta, our developers follow 60/30/10 rule in applying a color combination for primary, secondary, and accent colors. To create a stunning website, we use contrast colors. Later, we add relevant graphics to express what a brand is all about.

Readable Fonts

Arial is one of the best font styles to use in a custom web development process. It makes a user read the contents that are uploaded on the website. We are sure that you will not want your customers to get confused about what you want to convey to them. Therefore, we use the best suitable font for your business website.

Simple and Aesthetic Design

You might want to add animations and info graphics to your website but the fact is customers appreciate a simple design. It should be appealing with Meta tags and a good structure. There is no need to fill it with a lot of design elements. A website should answer all the queries of the customer than having an attractive appearance.

Fewer Navigation Links

We aim is to make your business website easily accessible for the customers by adding fewer yet useful navigation links. Several links decrease the value of web pages and increase load time. Visitor of a website will end up exiting the application than surfing it for a few minutes more. Thus, ease of access is a basic trait of a website that our developers never miss to add.

Content That Speaks

Remember, website is the language of your brand. The content that you upload on a web page represents the products or services that you offer to the customers. The story that is published on it expresses your company’s journey till date. Relevancy in content is another part of custom web development. A website should be informative, to the point and should be quickly accessible.

A well-built a website promotes business growth. The points that are discussed above are proof that not only in appearance, but your business website should also have a strong impact on its visitors. To have an online presence is not enough, your business needs custom web development solutions to give a kickstart to it. These solutions allow you to include functionalities as you want in a web page without affecting the loading speed. Your website can have different templates so that you can change them according to your business needs.
Contact US Kudosta Team.

In this digital era, it is facile to maintain your daily lives and follow schedules with android phones. You have to simply use a calendar to add an event and it is done. You will get an alarm to notify you for completing it. Not only for personal use, the benefit of android app development is that it also helps businesses to meet their goals promptly.

With the Android app, it is easier to deliver the services to the customers and to connect with them virtually. The custom android-based application gives amazing UI components such as notifications, menus, structure, and layout. This helps to build an effective application that satisfies the needs of the users.

  1. Mobile Apps gives Higher ROI

An error-free & user-friendly mobile application is the basic requirement of every user. When a business can achieve this target, they build a huge business network. It is because with a flexible application your business can connect with a larger audience. You can use pop-ups and push notifications to attract genuine customers. Developers at Kudosta works on building scalable android applications that fulfill the demands of every user. Some users like to have a general theme and other users like to work on interactive themes.

  1. Regular Updates helps to meet frequent customer demands

The current demand of the customers is to connect with the businesses online. They can conduct conference meetings with their business professionals using your customized android apps. You can take benefit of Mobile App Development for accomplishing such tasks. Online communication with such mobile apps is effortless. Users have to only enter a valid ID and password to start accessing an application. This will allow only authenticated users to access the application and will protect the system from malicious attacks. At Kudosta, our team of developers works on regular updates to maintain the efficiency of your business.

  1. The BYOD System

If you will build custom android app then you will be able to provide work flexibility to your staff members. BYOD is the most featured business policy that provides the flexibility of work to their employees. With the BYOD system, employees can use an official or personal devices to work remotely. Most of the time it happens that businesses need to accomplish a client requirement during non-working hours; during this time, the BYOD system can help your business to achieve targets on time. Workers can complete the tasks at anytime and anywhere they are. With a custom android app you can track the attendance, achieved targets, and other details of an employee. Another thing is that it is affordable and the installation is easy.

  1. Quick and easy customization

The best part of Android applications is that they allows developers to add frequent changes in the mobile app as required by the user. Developers make use of specific plugins such as slides and gallery to improve the accessibility of the mobile app. This quick and easy customization of android apps helps in improving customer engagement with the services offered to them. Mostly, in-app purchases and a 24X7 support systems are such features and functionalities required in the mobile app.

  1. Cost-Effective Android Applications for Business

The Benefit of mobile app development for android is that is cost effective as compared to other mobile development platforms. It can address the global audience with a minimum investment in creating mobile app features. Dark and light color themes, security, search bar, fast- loading app pages are some of the features offered by the custom android app.

Nowadays, people interact with each other using Android applications. Most of the work is handled by the people using their phones only. Therefore, people like to access user friendly mobile application like those of custom android app. Benefit of application development is that it gives higher ROI. Along with that, it provides ease of access to the users with easy customization.

The way to digital transformation has arrived with the introduction of cloud technology. It has helped businesses to take facile steps in bringing innovations for the customers worldwide. The requirement of agile work ethics is booming and with cloud services it is possible to utilize fewer infrastructures to attain better productivity.

One such astounding technology is “cloud migration” that gives an opportunity to the businesses to finish tasks fastly, data backup and data accessibility to the users remotely. It improves efficiency, performance and enhances the process of revenue generation for a business.

Aren’t you planning to have a global reach for your business? You want to deliver a powerful impression on customers about your products/services at a higher level. You need a perfect management to your IT assets. If these are your business goals then you should definitely think of cloud migration as this technology will help you accomplish your business objectives. With cloud migration you will be able to implement right technologies for your business without much effort.

Here, we will be discussing about how cloud migration can help you to build effective strategies for your business income.


Business Targets

As we have discussed that you have a blueprint ready in mind to a business value. But do you have a plan for asset and resource management? Can you achieve business targets with limited storage space, untrained staff and traditional techniques of data management? You require a technology that can help you build strong customer relations gradually achieving company goals.

Cloud Platforms

Now that you are sure that you have to move your IT services to cloud, you have to understand the purpose of cloud migration. You can choose AWS, Google cloud or Microsoft Azure for shifting IT Assets to a Complete Cloud Environment.

Easy and Fast Solution

In this rapidly changing world everyone needs an instant solution. People want answers to their queries with a few clicks only and Managed Cloud Migration Services. Cloud migration provides accessibility to data remotely to the users. Users only need an active internet connection to surf it.

Cloud Migration Strategies for Business Productivity


Refactor: This is the most effective and expensive strategy that helps in easy maintenance of IT applications. You will need to rebuild the applications according to the latest technologies to allow access to data promptly. You will require fewer resources to support the functionality of the application.

Replatform: this strategy is based on Lifting and shifting of the applications. The change is performed within the application in its configuration that is further uploaded on cloud.

Rehost: you have to simply pick the application and install it on the cloud. You will need elastic load balancer for performing load balancing for the application. The only drawback is that you have to maintain the application throughout as you can expect failure anytime.

Repurchase: This is the smartest strategy businesses can apply as it is scalable and cost effective. You will need to replace your current software applications with a cloud based one. You will have to purchase a license for a new product say for salesforce. You can choose Zoho analytics also or any other product that you want to.

Retain: This strategy requires specific investment to maintain traditional server until you get an alternate for it. You have to continuously revisit your application to migrate the application on cloud.
Retire: You have to perform replatform strategy first then you can retire the application so you don’t have to maintain it forever. In short, you have to eliminate the software applications that are no longer in use for the business processes.

You can fit your application in one of these R’s to implement cloud migration strategy for the business. You should already have an idea and plan about your investment before giving a priority to such strategies. You have to choose a cloud environment according to your business goals and the budget you have to implement the strategy. No doubt cloud platform is beneficial to all businesses as it helps you manage the data effectively and efficiently. These six strategies will help you to manage risks, cost and other aspects of the business. Choose a right way now! Contact US Kudosta Team.

Businesses and companies have to maintain a steady group of professionals to look after the IT services. However, it might be expensive and clumsy. Managed Services Providers (MSP) help to Outsource the IT Operations of a business in a more cost-effective and time-saving manner. Let’s have a look at the benefits and the services they provide.

10 Benefits of Managed IT services


1. Cost Efficiency

With Managed IT services, you have to pay for the service and the number of professions you presently require and no additional unnecessary costs. Thus, you don’t have to pay for fixed labour costs, maintenance costs, insurance, training costs, licensing, consulting, emergency repairs etc in case of an in-house steady group. You can free up your workers to the domain where you need them. Often, it is hard to predict the operational costs of IT services. MSPs have monthly fixed rates for each of the services. Thus, the large capital expenditure on IT services reduces to predictable and manageable operational costs.

2. Enhanced Security

MSPs focus on effective security of your data. They keep 24/7 monitoring, use antivirus softwares, Detection systems and other cybersecurity solutions. They prevent hacking, leakages, malware attacks on your system and risks related to credit card use. With personal sources, keeping such high levels of security standards is often not possible.

3. Expertise and Experience

MSPs boast highly qualified, skilled and experienced personnel for Maintaining and On Demand IT Support Services operations while finding such expertise for a personal team might be difficult in the current market.

4. Exposure to Newest Technology

IT services organizations always remain up to date with the latest technologies and give their clients the same exposure. MSPs will start a new project for your company right away with the required technologies. With in-house, you have to hire, train and provide them with all the support they need. Thus, MSPs save your time and money both.

5. Maintaining Up-time

MSPs provide 24×7 services and solve issues before they escalate to be more serious. They are very quick to respond and proactive. Moreover, they operate when the business hours have crossed to avoid causing disturbance during the working hours, thus maintaining uptime.

6. Disaster Recovery

IT services providers have back up plans to save your business in case of any emergency.

7. Levelling Competition

MSPs keep you updated about the latest trends and technologies in the market and lift your business levels accordingly so that you don’t remain behind in competition with big names.

8. Centralization

With MSPs, you can centralize all your assets, applications and servers to managed data centres, leading to enhanced performance irrespective of location, providing you virtual services too.

9. One point contact to vendors

With in-house, you have to maintain a long list of vendors for every equipment which is hectic. But MSPs handle vendors for both softwares and hardwares. So you don’t have to engage in long and technical conversations and simultaneously get the best equipment.

10. Focus on Core Business

Since you don’t have to maintain a team for IT operations and worry about aspects related to it, you can focus on your core business strategies. MSPs will do their work in the background and won’t let you even feel their presence.

Services provided by MSPs


1. Network monitoring and Communications – MSPs handle the networking and establish connections like LAN, WAPs.

2. MPSs provide security solutions.

3. Support Services – MSPs provide all IT related support, troubleshooting etc.

4. Cloud Infrastructure Management.

5. Software service – MSPs offer subscription-based software platforms.

6. Provide Wireless Connections.

7. Analyses Data and reporting – MSPs monitor growth, trends and analyses data to create roadmaps accordingly.

8. Designs, upgrades and monitors the system.

9. Provides Disaster Recovery Solutions.

Managed IT services provide a diverse range of services, expertly executed. Businesses get all their IT tasks covered up. MSPs offer flexibility and save your capital costs. It lifts your business level. It is a great and intelligent choice for small to big businesses, all alike.
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