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VSA Services

Enhance service delivery to your clients with our VSA services customized for you. VSA services are highly needed if you want to cut down the costs and offer best service to your clients irrespective of your availability. Kudosta provides effective VSA services to enhance the IT infrastructure services offered to clients.

We help you to maintain healthy and fruitful business with your clients by taking care of core IT needs. You do not have to meddle with IT needs of your client as you will be free to focus on core objectives.

We build a team of IT administrators and skilled VSAs to deliver the best service that exceeds the expectation. Being trained extensively and rigorously, our VSAs would stick with protocols and offer beneficial services. Their exposure to the world of IT is notable and to be utilized in a best possible way.

Our VSA service is a much desired by organizations across the world. We provide customized VSA services to fit your requirements effectively. We design new networks and research on advanced products to benefit your client in a better way.

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VSA Task List

Tasks that VSA helps you to achieve business productivity are:

Server Monitoring:

Backup and Disaster Recovery:

AV/Security Management:

Directory Services:

Microsoft Messaging / Exchange:


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