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We are a software development company that provide custom PHP software solutions. We provide outstanding software development services to convert your ideas into real-life custom business solutions.

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Html5 Application Development

We provide a full spectrum of custom software services, with primary focus on web and mobile application development. Our offerings cover all stages of the software development life cycle to keep you one step ahead of your competiors.

Software & Web Development

Official Gates has years of experience in creating and implementing APIs for multiple platforms. If you have an Html5 Application Development project to be developed, feel free to contact us. You can browse detail about Our Html5 Application Development as well to see if we fit into your idea of an Offshore IT Solutions Partner.

Core PHP

PHP is the software used in language programming and its perfect when making websites that are user friendly. We, at Kudosta Solutions LLP, meet your requirements by creating user friendly websites using core PHP. This script language helps to produce an easy to manage web application. It encourages increased traffic because it makes easy to navigation easier and with time it increase sales for you. Core PHP web application development is perfect if you are looking for a dynamic website with advanced applications and multi-tier design. It works with ordinary HTML pages and multi-layered application systems combined with MySQL and PHP. Our Performance Surpassses Our Client's Expectations.

PHP MySqlWeb

PHP MySqlWeb is an influential and reliable scripting language. We use it to update the websites we create for our clients. We use advanced solutions that include chat, web mail, and bulletin board among others. Over time, it has become trendy and the most liked database management system. It is excellent for web applications that involve storage and retrieving of data frequently. This makes it perfect for photo galleries, content management systems and blogs. We are experts and will use MySqlWeb to create exactly what your website needs.

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We are available round the clock for quick support for your projects when required.

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