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World has seen a complete revolution in terms of technology. With this there has been a complete shift in way a business is done. Now, every business seeks to establish a place on internet. This is done with the help of “Websites”. With the advent of technology, the process of designing a website has become quite simple and easy.  Although the process of designing has simplified, designing a functional website still requires a lot of awareness and intelligence. A unique and functional website is one which is able to deliver the inner essence of the business and is thus able to bring sales to the business.

Below are a few things to remember while designing a unique and a functional website:

  1. Should be Interactive

An ideal website is one which is lively and is able to communicate with the visitors. If the website is dull and contains boring information, the visitors will definitely not spend much time on the website. Websites can be made interactive by giving an option to fill some kind of feedback forms or an option to raise a query in case they face any problems. This is important in order to hold the attention of visitors for some time.Thus, your website should be such that it allow the viewers to communicate

  1. Simplicity is a Must

Choosing a complex website design is not a good idea and can sometimes give negative results. Big companies have also always chosen a simple website design so that the visitor is able to navigate throughout the website easily. This proves the fact that a simple website design is easily understood and liked by the visitor. This means in order to avoid confusion, use simple but attractive designs instead of complex designs. Keep in mind! No one likes to deal with difficulties for accomplishing small and mere tasks.

  1. Content

It is said that, “Content is the king”. The design and layout of the website is totally dependent on the content part. The content should be informative i.e. it should have the right quality and quantity of content, best describing the products and services offered by the company. Arrange the content in a way that the most important content is placed at the top, otherwise the content will not serve its purpose. Not only this, but the tone of the content should also be correct so that it is able to convey what it is intended to. Attractiveness grabs the attention but the content helps in binding the visitor with the website.

  1. Use Right Colors and Font

The way the website looks and appear, conveys a lot about the business. Thus, appearance matters a lot. Appearance is totally dependent on how it is made i.e. what colors, fonts and pictures are used. Each color conveys a different meaning, and thus it is very crucial to use right colors and right fonts in a right way. Not onlt this, but the font used should be readable. Unusual fonts and colors should be avoided so that it does not compress the quality of the content.

  1. Easy Navigation

The key to the functional website is the ability of the user to easily navigate through your website. Smooth navigation with the help of proper tabs, toolbars, and menus makes the website more user-friendly.

  1. Be Unique

The website should be unique in terms of design, colors and font used, and most important in terms of content. This is important so as to hold visitor’s attention for long time. If you are able to deliver something new and unique only then the visitor will spend some time on your website. The website should be worth spending time on from the visitor’s point of view. Remember! You have to have something different from your competitor’s.

In this digital era where everyone is dependent on internet for even the basic needs, it is very important for a business to have its online presence. Online presence doesn’t mean making a website, uploading the required information but it means owning a website which is visually captivating and holds the visitors attention for a long duration of time. These days website development is an easy to do job because of so any tools available for designing a website but the story doesn’t end here.

Designing a website is easy but keeping it up to date and in par with the websites of the competitors is important. One can have an effective website if he/she keeps in mind some of the principles of having an innovative and effective website design.

Some of these principles are listed below:


Recent statistics of OuterBox revealed that about 90 percent of the people prefer their cell phones for shopping rather than going for computer websites. People find their smart phones easy and hence they prefer them. Also these days every business has its app which can be used for shopping purposes. Thus, a website should be such that it is mobile friendly too.



Every businessman should keep in mind to have an appropriate domain name for his website. He can choose to have a number of domain names that describes the website. A domain name can be the name of the company as well.

Having a domain names helps one to find your website and hence an effective way to attract traffic on your website.



If you have a business website, the people should be able to contact you for any kind of queries related to your product or service. Thus, make sure that all your contact information is placed at a place where it can be easily seen.

In case you have any kind of links available make sure to place them as well.

You can either place them in the beginning or at the end so that the visitors don’t have to go through the problem of searching it all through your site.



For a website to be effective and innovative proper theme selection is important. Themes play a vital role in make your website visually impactful. You cannot just go for themes just because you like it instead go for themes that best suits your websites’ niche and also it should match the reason for which your website is created.





Appropriate layout selection is very essential. A layout should be visually so impactful that it grabs the attention of the visitors. A website layout basically involves advertisements, pop up windows, banners and all kind of links.

Like it is said “Simplicity is the ultimate Sophistication”, always keep it simple. In simple words, in order to have a successful business website one should keep the layout simple.

Try to avoid unnecessary advertisement and pop up windows.



Another important thing to be kept in mind while designing an effective website is the “Content”. The quality of content should be very good i.e. it should be distinct. One should always practice to regularly amend and update the content of the website. If amendments are done on a regular basis visitors will be attracted and hence traffic is generated.



Accurate information is very important. You should always be very particular and accurate with the information that your website comprises of. Information can be about the contact details, addresses, information about the product etc.

If you have a habit of updating your website make sure you go for proofreading before it goes live. Any information which is not accurate or contains any type of errors be it grammatical or anything else, it can hamper your website performance.



We often come across pop-up windows asking to subscribe. This is very important. In case any visitor liked anything about your website he/she would like to stay updated with all sorts of information. For this a visitor will always look for a subscribe button.

Make sure to place this button in a place where it can be found easily.

WordPress was introduced to the world as a blogging tool, but with the advent of time it has become the largest and most popular self hosted CMS. CMS is extremely important for a website because it helps to manage your content. If you want to make changes to the content of your website, you don’t need to approach the web developer for the same, if you have your CMS in your hand. WordPress solves this problem by not only providing a feature to develop the website easily but also gives you the control over your website. There are numerous other advantages of using WordPress, some of which are mentioned below:

  1. Easy Usage

The main advantage of using WordPress is that it is easy to use. One does not have to possess lots of knowledge to use it. It has got a simple and intuitive user interface, which can be easily understood even by the beginners.

  1. Free of Cost

WordPress comes with a feature of “available for free”. It is an open source CMS. Thus, using WordPress would be most economical option for a business which involves no charge for the development and updation of website.

  1. Plugins

You can create the best of a website with the help of WordPress because of the presence of plug-ins. Along with being the open source platform; it also provides 13000 plugins for free. All these plugins can be downloaded, installed and run for free. You can also add new features like RSS feed, Google Sitemap Generator etc to your website for free with the help of these plugins.

  1. Easy to Create SEO Friendly Permalinks:

Whenever you write a post or article or a blog with WordPress, it also immediately generates a URL for that post/blog. Thus the more blogs/articles you write, the more links are created linked to your website. This increases the number of WebPages of your website, which in turn increases your presence in the search engine. This increased presence is viable for attracting traffic to the website, which will finally give you your customers.

  1. Lets you Create Customized Website

WordPress Themes feature allows one to create absolutely unique websites. Thousands of themes are available for free on WordPress. Besides this, if you are not satisfied with those themes, you can also buy some premium themes, which are available at barely low charges. This helps in building a customized design of your website.

  1. Gives you the Complete Control over your Website

With the usage of WordPress, you don’t need to have many technical or programming skills in order to run your website and you don’t need to depend on webmasters, website developers, to manage and update your website’s content. WordPress is the most powerful CMS means that it gives you the easy way out to manage the content of your website, for which you only need to know about the features that are available within WordPress.

  1. Creates SEO Friendly Websites

As far as developing a website is concerned, developing a SEO friendly website is extremely important. This work is simplified with the WordPress. The code written for the website is extremely simple, so it becomes easy for the search engines to go through the website and its content and i turn it becomes easy for the crawlers to index the site. Along with this, the images can be accommodated with some descriptions, Meta tags and titles. These features help the crawlers to index the site.

  1. Versatility

WordPress is versatile i.e. with its features a user can perform numerous types of functions. Along with being versatile, it is also extendable; it can be used for various platforms like e-commerce, social networking, multimedia etc.


SEO techniques could not be successful if one forgets about the optimized website structure. The structure not only infers to the physical appearance of the website but also includes the way how the pages of the website are interlinked. A perfect and organized structure is immensely important for a website, to incur the benefits of SEO efforts. Without fixing the loopholes pertaining in the website structure, you cannot achieve what you intend to. The first step to optimization includes the optimization of the website structure.  Below are some key points to keep in mind while designing the website:

  1. Attractive homepage

The first and foremost what one has to keep in mind is the design and content of the homepage and also its consistency. The way the homepage is designed plays a vital role. Why because?It is the first thing what your visitors will come across. It should be easily understandable both by humans and crawlers. The homepage should focus on what your site is all about.

  1. Consistency

As stated earlier in the previous point your website content should be consistent.

To understand this more properly for e.g. if your site talks about sunflowers it should present content about sunflowers only. Portraying content on cauliflower or its image will break the consistency because of it being a vegetable. You will have to see to it that once a visitor visits your website he/she should be persuaded to access your entire page and not going back at a first glance only.


  1. Organised topics

Your content on the site should be well organised. In order to deliver an organised content try to break your matter into main topics and subtopics.

Like considering the previous example our site talks about sunflower so the main content should be about the flower itself.

Then we can go on with the subtopics like its attributes, uses, colour, where they are found etc. The benefit here is that having a well organised content makes it easy for both the visitors and for search engines to get an idea of what the site is about.

  1. Driving traffic to your site

To acquire the highest rank in search engines your site should be built with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Always keep in mind to keep a three level of navigation. Three level navigation is considered best for search engines.

Search Engine Crawlers doesn’t go deep down into pages so sometimes your pages might miss a rank.



  1. keywords

Keep in mind to use targeted keywords and phrase. This will help your site come up on the top when someone searches for that particular term. The website structure should always be easily understandable.

  1. Enhances user’s experience

Poor user experience can negatively impact your website. Lets understand this with a simple example your site is about food recipies and a user is not getting the desired information say of how much sugar is needed to make a cake he/she will be reluctant to go and browse another page.

It is rightly said that first impression is the lasting impression. In this digital world it is very important to leave a very good first impression. This principle can be applied to the business world as well. To leave a very good impact logos play a vital role.

In this modern era where we all are competing, businesses have to make sure to keep themselves at the top when it comes to talking about grabbing attention. A business with an idle logo can win this race and a business with a logo which cannot hold people’s attention will struggle a lot to attain their goals.

Hence, this proves how a logo helps one to be at the top. Below are a few points which should be kept in mind while designing a logo:

  1. Visually impactful- Double Entendre

Logo should leave the necessary impact. Now the question here is how to make the logo impactful. The simplest way is remember that your logo conveys two meanings so that the picture can even convey the untold things. A logo or a picture that conveys two meanings is said to be double entendre. This technique is quite different and unique. Basically, it has two pictures which are put together to make a single picture or logo. Viewers find these types of logos quite unique and fascinating. They manage to grab the viewer’s attention for a long period of time and hence prove to be quite beneficial.

  1. Should be Balanced

Remember the logo that you have designed should be balanced. The word balance here means that the colours, graphics and size must be used in a correct way i.e. each of them must have equivalent weight in the logo.

  1. Size

Talking about the size the logo should be clear and distinct in its size i.e. it should be legible. Also one should always be alert that the size should be such that when a logo is used for letterheads, promotional purpose and envelopes, it should not lose its meaning when scaled down. In simple words, when one goes for promoting his/her business he/she will go for hoardings, billboards and posters so he/she should make sure that the logo looks good in larger format.

  1. Preliminary Sketches or Drawings

Preliminary as the word suggests basic or primary. So designing preliminary sketch is very essential before designing an impactful logo. It can be on a paper using a pen or pencil. If this step is skipped you will be left with a not so good logo. So, going for paper and pen drawings always definitely helps. At least 20 to 30 sketches should be made to bring out the best creativity in making a logo.

Thus an effective graphic designer will spend most of the time in this step.


  1. Colour Combination

Colour scheme plays a vital role in your logo. One should always make sure that the colour used should be appropriate. Incorporating numerous colours will doesn’t always work. A logo in greyscale or in black and white looks different and hence has a long lasting impact. A graphic designer should use the colours judiciously because each colour has its own significance and thus communicate something. Hence the colour scheme used is again an important point to be kept in mind.


  1. Incorporate your Company or Product Name

It is very important that your logo should have company or product name so as to make it easily recognisable. Just a picture or a symbol might not always work. For example we all are familiar with Nike’s logo which is just a Swoosh. No doubt, we make out by looking at its symbol that the product belongs to Nike. But not many of us know that its previous logo had its name and it took years for the company to make people aware of its new logo i.e. the Swoosh belongs to it. This is again a tiring task. So, better go for the name.

With the age of digitization, websites have gained enormous popularity in terms of promoting businesses. Due to this, each and every business is trying to establish their identity online. With the emergence of Web 2.0 and Internet Marketing techniques replacing traditional marketing techniques, many Web Design Firms have come into play so as to help businesses cater their whim. Thus, it is very important to keep few things in mind before hiring a web design company and they are:

  1. Look for Most Cost Effective Design Company :Do your homework and research well about all the firms providing such services. It’s not important that you choose the firm charging the highest, thinking that it will provide you with the best of quality work. Sometimes good firms may charge less because they may be working on a small scale with a few numbers of personnel and thus their service charge is low.
  1. Remember! Their Identity will Build your Identity: Always choose a firm which has a positive identity in market because their work will decide the fate of your business.
  1. For How long after the Designing of Website, they provide free Service and Support :Some firms do provide free service and supports in case new updates have to be made. This should be noted beforehand as since internet is a dynamic world, changes are a part of internet world. Even if a firm is not offering free care service do ask them how much they charge for 3 or 4 months support service.
  1. Know their Programming Ability :This is important because if the company is not equipped with good coders, they may design the website in table layout and include frames. This may work against SEO as it makes indexing difficult.
  1. Gather thorough knowledge about their Expertise :  First of all know clearly what kind of website you desire for. An E-Commerce website, a mobile compatible website or a flash based website. After this hire the web designing company that has best of experience in your niche.
  1. A Web Designing firm should Respect Time : Finalize your deal with the company that can tell you the delivery time for all the deliverables. This may include design, contents, CMS etc.
  1. Search Engine Optimization : Designing a customized website is not enough, optimizing and promoting a website on internet is equally important. Look for a firm which can work in the area of SEO too. The aim of the website is to reach to the targeted audience and also get indexed on major search engines. Thus, go with the designing firm that have experienced SEO experts.
  1. Ask for an Easy CMS :Ask your developer to provide you with a User-friendly CMS so that you can be the master of your website capable of making changes in your content and you don’t need to rush to developer for every small amendment in your website.
  1. Know about their Working Team :Be assured beforehand that the firm is having a team of professionals with expertise in web development, content writing, graphic designing and web testing. Because all this counts when it comes to designing a professional website.
  1. Ensure Branding :Branding is necessary so that people can uniquely identify your business. Hence know from your designers about the website’s layout, colours they will use, slogans, company’s logo and where it will be placed
  1. Know about the Web designing company’s cost calculation :Web designing companies quote cost on 2 basis: per hour or per page. Knowing this will definitely help you in figuring out whether the overall cost will fit in your budget or not.
  1. Check if are they Offering Website Guarantee and Warranty: Although! It is rarely found. But if any firm is offering so, do ponder upon it because it’s worth checking it.
  1. Ask them if they can provide Web Hosting and Domain Name :Few firms who believe in long term relationships do provide such services too along with the web designing. If you find them, give them a preference.
  1. The 2 P’s  :Be Patience and Practical. Website designing is not an easy task. So, if you want it to be perfect, give your website designing company sufficient time to do their work as “your haste may spoil your work only”.

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