Needless to say, every business in this modern era should have a website and most of the businesses do have it. Having a website for the business is surely beneficial in many ways. Being aware of the advantages of having a website for the business, every business people of every business size and category should know that the website should be mobile friendly. Having a website which is not mobile friendly is going to give favor for the competitors. Let’s check here, the 7 compelling reasons why you need a mobile-friendly website in 2019.

More mobile devices

Most of the people use mobile devices to access internet, especially for online shopping purpose. Be it a shopping purpose or any other purpose, people prefer mobile devices for browsing. Rather than using desktop or laptop machines, the mobile devices seems to be quite easy to use and fetch the required information from online.

Since mobile is handy people use it on the go or wherever they are and do not have to find desktop irrespective of the location. The number of mobile phone users have increased drastically. Obviously, if you do not have a mobile-friendly website, this article is an immediate call for you to make it mobile friendly quickly.



Be competitive

Mobile friendly website makes you to stay competitive and give an edge over your competitor. Already a lot of businesses of your business category have mobile friendly website. If you do not have a mobile friendly website for your business, it will cost you more than you expect. On the other hand, if you make your website mobile friendly, your website will rank high and ahead of your competitors who have not optimized their website to be mobile friendly. Count the benefits and go for it quickly.

Enhanced Visibility

As people access information in online using their mobile, the rank of the website gets enhanced and stays high in Google Search Engine ranking. Therefore, the visibility of your website gets increased. Higher the visibility is higher the traffic will be. Higher the traffic is for your website, more the sales conversion is going to be. Again, do not forget to count the benefits.

Brand Reinforcement

If your customer could access your website easily, they will be happy to access it continuously. Mobile friendly website is one of the easy ways that your customers can be intact with your business website. In terms of checking the required information, contacting purpose, buying or purchase and seeking your support, access through mobile is easier than any other medium.

User experience is important

In this digital era, user experience is most important for the growth of any kind of business. If the user experience is poor or bad, users quit using the website or the product or whatever it is. In order to create a better user experience, you have to present your website in a way that users could get access it in their mobile device. Though the design of your website is elegant, it does not do much if it is not mobile friendly.

Brings more audiences

You should make your website mobile friendly because it increases the number of audience or visitors. Your customer who is visiting your business website will show it to his or her friend or someone sitting beside him or her for any reason. Or, if your customer is visiting your website in his or her mobile phone, the one who sit next to him or her may enquire what it is and will take a look. Obviously, the other way around to increase visitors.

Increased conversion rate

Survey says, that most of the online shoppers purchase using their mobile devices and gadgets. The website that is viewed using mobile devices or gadgets gets high conversion rate. Such customers approach the business or interact with the business quickly than those who visit the website using computer.

As your customers are on mobile devices, what makes you not to make your website mobile friendly. Do it quickly to stay competitive.

It all starts with seeing. The attraction, the capture and the satisfaction happen through our eyes. Yes, a good web design is most important to create an impression, attraction and to keep the audience and customers intact with your business website. For every business in this digital era, a website is mandatory. Spending time and cost on a good web design is must and profitable. Here we see some of the benefits of good web design for your business website.


It is quite natural that we get satisfied only if we get attracted to it. Be it anything, we get captivated and satisfied only if it attracts us. The same goes with your business website also. If your website attracts the people they will like to spend time in your website and obviously will get interested in your products or services. A good web design attracts the audience and customers to your business.


Customer retention is one of the important factors for business growth. A good business with a better growth plan would always strategize in customer retention. If bringing the audience to the website is important then retaining them is most important. A good web design makes the customers to spend more time and to be active in your business website. This is a fortunate sign to convert your audience into potential customers.

Wide Reach

Wide market reach is one of the other benefits of a good web design. If your website looks elegant you will get better reach. People from different parts of the world would visit your website and get sufficient information regarding your business, products,and services. The level of elegance of your business website is the level of its reach. Spending on a good web design for your business website welcomes audiences from various places.


A good web design wins trust from customers. With a good web design, you ensure a pleasing website with clear information, nice layout, easy to use navigation, clarity in text, image,and video contents. Obviously, customers would get confidence in your product or service as they find your website pleasing and professional.

Brand Identity

A good web design creates your brand impression in your customers. The pleasing design leaves the mark in their mind and makes them to come again. Your brand identity sticks with the people and they will introduce your brand to others to different extent. Yes, a good web design is one sort of growing your brand identity.


Remember, a good web design boosts your brand identity, grows your business and widens your customer base. When it comes to good web design, hire a professional web design company or team whose skill touch transforms your website magically and brings more customers. With a good web design with the benefits discussed above, you will be able to stay ahead regardless of tough competition. Choose a skillful, experienced web design company for a good web design for your business website.

Every importance should carry a reason otherwise the importance will not be understood. Wide range of information is available to convey the importance of having a website and use digital marketing for the business but still, it needs the reasons for clear understanding. Here we see 10 reasons all businesses need a website & digital marketing.

#1 –Connect with customers

Large number of people have started spending more time online.

Website is the place where you will connect with the customers to make them aware of your business and its services/products. Digital marketing is the best way to bring the audience to the website.

#2 – Information Centre

Digital presence has become more popular that people would like to get answers, check products and buy different goods. Website is a place where you would put & update every important information of your business and with successful digital marketing, you will be able to optimize the information to attract and convert the audience into customers.

#3 – Testimonials

Website is the right place where you can have valuable testimonials about your business, products,and services. Testimonials increase your credibility. With right digital marketing strategy, you will be able to take the testimonies to social media pages and in other digital presence of your business.

#4 – Lead Generation

Lead generation is one of the most important aspects of having a website and practicing digital marketing. Leads are the audiences at reachable. When it comes to digital marketing, different types of lead generation techniques are there but website is the beginning or the base for lead generation.

#5 –Build exposure

In this digital age, it is not feasible to build exposure for the business without having a website. Exposure will be developed when the business is taken to online presence and making it more popular using digital marketing.

#6 – Higher Sales

Traditional ads and marketing techniques are vanishing. Digital marketing has become more popular especially because of reaching the people across various platforms. Digital marketing enables refined process to acquire more leads. Obviously more leads results in higher sales.

#7 –Achieving the target

Every business has target audiences. As the digital world is vast and fast, you are not going to cast the net generally but on the target. You need a website and suitable digital marketing strategy to reach the target audience.

#8 – Cutting the costs

Do not have to worry about the budget, setting up a professional website and deploying digital marketing is not costly. Spending on a website and in digital marketing is a diligent investment that you make for your business. You will reap huge benefits for low-cost investment.


#9–Global Audience

If you own a website for your business then your brand or product is globally available. Obviously, global audience can walk into your business website. Your reach grows global. At the same time, digital marketing is not limited to local. Think about it as digital marketing takes your business to audience across different countries and brings global audience.

#10 –Customer support

Having a website for your business is the easier way to provide best customer support/service. Customers can easily reach you by visiting your business website and get their queries answered, clarified and get served on request. After all, customer satisfaction is more important and website opens the avenues to achieve it.

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Website is most important for the businesses these days. Every business that do have website must understand the real purpose of having a website. Website is not only to give information about the product or service to the people but also to attract more visitors. Yes, the purpose of a business website is not just to communicate with the people but to attract them so that they can be converted into potential customers.

Custom web design increases Conversion rate

The website that does not have good conversion rate is just vain. Such websites are purposeless. When the business defines the purpose of website it will start to find the ways to increased conversion. Talking about increased conversion, the custom web design is more advantageous than the web design using templates.

Custom web design is a smart investment

Obviously, a lot of content management system companies have come and offering numerous templates to design a website with customizable options. As far as customization options and investment is concerned many people choose template based web design. But custom website design is a best investment you can do as it benefits your business. Let’s see why it is so.

Be Unique, Be Beautiful

Custom web design gives amazing unique look to your website. It makes your brand looking unique and you do not have to fit your business logo or website design into the existing template. You can create a web design that no other brand or business has. The outcome is pretty good that it attracts the people a lot thereby increases conversion. The uniqueness of your web design sells your brand.

Higher the visibility, higher the reach

In order to increase the visibility of your business or brand, you need to concentrate on SEO. Search Engine Optimization is a process that takes your business website and displays in the top results of search engine results. It drives traffic to your website in the organic way. Custom web design is the best way to boost SEO as effective HTML coding can be written to make your site more SEO friendly. Search engine standard HTML code will enhance your website’s exposure. Of course, this will increase conversion undoubtedly.

Effective for customer-centric website

Again, the main intention of having a business or brand website is to attract the customers. In such a perspective, custom web design is best to build customer-centric website. Be it the UI and the functionality of the website to engage the customers, custom web design is highly effective. You can build as you like it to increase conversion rate rather than building your site as per the template.

Team fulfills your dream

The best part of custom web design is that you will get a team that work for you anytime to keep your website updated. With a custom website design, you can modify and update your website anytime without taking much time. The website design team will take your concerns and work it out immediately as it is not hectic to make changes in the custom design.

As you keep updated, the chances are high to attract new customers and also to retain the existing customers.  When the people find something new in the website they will spend more time in the website with an interest.

Experience increased conversion

To sum up, a customer-centric custom website design builds a professional website that earns credibility. Template based web design may be easy and cheap but the custom web design is smarter. Make a smart investment to experience increased conversion. Outcome matters!!!


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Obviously, the internet is a place of new things every day. A lot of new ideas and concepts are born in the digital world every day. In such a way, many businesses and individuals choose single page website as they find it appealing. As the name implies, the single page website consumes single HTML page to offer the content to the visitor. The visitors do not have to traverse to multiple pages or they will not be taken to multiple pages because the required content or information will appear on the same page – the single page.

When we talk about single page website we have to discuss the pros and cons to come to a conclusion. Though we can have some advantages of having single page web design, there are some concerns to be discussed.

web design, there are some concerns to be discussed.


The single page web design is mostly designed using JavaScript, css3, jQuery, and Ajax. It requires lengthy and structured coding to bring everything in an organized way on the website, especially for UI/UX. The design team should be proficient in coding to bring everything flawlessly on a single page to ensure that the visitor does get the required information easily.

The ultimate idea of having a website is to provide sufficient and important information to the visitors in a convincing way. If the user does not feel user-friendliness on the site, the primary idea goes vain. Thus, coding becomes a major and one of the concerns of having single page web design.

User Experience

As the content of the entire website appears on the same page, the visitor may get confused if there is much on the same page. It would be difficult for the visitor to obtain the required information of the products if the business has multiple products. The single page web design may be useful for the business that has the single product but not for the business that has multiple products. Listing different products on the single page is not a good idea as navigation will become difficult. Single page web design makes poor user experience.



It is important to maintain SEO standards to maintain high position ranking in search engine. The single page web design is not good for SEO due to reasons such as zero chance for internal links, page weight,and single keyword. The single page web design would be heavy because of putting the entire contents on a single page.

Moreover, the on-page optimization becomes poor due to lack of internal links whereas it is possible to have multiple internal links in multiple pages web design. Undoubtedly, keyword optimization is one of the key aspects of SEO. As single keyword is maintained on the entire page, the single page web design is not keyword friendly.

Content Depth

The web page content provides required and relevant information to the visitor.The content provided on the website should be detailed to ensure quality. Single page web design loses the depth of the content. With a single page, it will not be possible to provide detailed content. This will be a serious concern for the visitor who expects detailed information. The multiple pages web design has sufficient space to give detailed content by which the visitor gets clear information.


Finally, when it comes to single page web design, it depends on the type of the business and number of products the business lists on the website. To be precise, if a business considers the website as one of the primary tools to reach the target audience then single page web design is a bad idea.

The technology these days offer people the chance to gather or receive information from various sources. And this information can be received through various devices ranging from laptops, tablets and mobile phones. So it is very important to have a responsive website design in order to fit your website on all sorts of screen.

Not only a responsive website is important but also a responsive logo is important these days. It is through a company’s logo its product or service is identified by people. Also, it helps to distinguish ones product from those of the competitors. Hence, it becomes essential to have a logo.

Having a logo is important but the developer should make sure that the logo is responsive i.e. it is easily visible and identifiable too. Some logo developers rely on making the logo size small so as to make it fit all screen sizes but this is not the way instead one should put efforts to make it simple yet identifiable. A perfect logo is considered to be simple, versatile and also such that it incorporate everything about the company regardless of its size. In other words a logo should be such that it speaks about the brand irrespective of on the type of screen it is being viewed on. A logo is referred to as a way of identification for people. Looking at logos of some companies we directly come to know as to which brand it belongs to. Few examples are Nike, Jaguar, Mercedes etc.

Many of the top companies have enhanced their logo in some or the other way and they can still be identified by people today. E.g. Google, Kodak, Domino’s etc.

So in order to stay in par with other companies below are two points which when followed can help design a responsive logo:


The problem today with the logo developers is that in a haste of making their logo design responsive they end up making it more complicated and messy.

As it is said, “SIMPLICITY IS THE ULTIMATE SOPHISTICATION” so it is wise to keep the logo simple so as to attain sophistication. A simple logo will also help attain clarity and at the same time will leave a long lasting impact on the target customers.

This can be done by making the thick strokes thin, using colours wisely and by flattening some elements present in the logo design. This will help the logo be legible in small screens.


A very good example of a simple logo design is MasterCard who has made its logo simple but yet it looks modern without losing its identity.


Versatile which means capable of turning forward or backward. Hence, a logo should be such that it can be moulded into all sizes in all ways either forward or backward. A logo design should offer the feature of turning or cutting it down in all shapes and sizes.

Speaking of responsiveness would probably mean something which fits everywhere, is legible, clear. So a logo has to have these things in order to compete with others in the market.


An example of versatility can be the logo of Google which was previously used as an entire word to different dots to a G which incorporates all colours used in the first design. The company not only made its logo small but it also made sure that it is still recognized by people. Looking at G one could identify that it say Google.


In short, it doesn’t matter as to making the size small or cutting down some elements will help your design fit all screen. It is about designing a logo which when made small doesn’t lose its identity. The best way to have a perfect logo is using all the technologies and tools available today. It is always told to us “LESS IS MORE”, the same principle can be applied to while designing a logo. The entire article focuses on keeping the logo simple, clear and flexible.

We at Kudosta Solutions help our customer to build brand image and maintain it by providing blogs related to designing a responsive logo. Because in this competitive world we know as to how much it is important for a company to build its brand image and what loss it can suffer if it doesn’t possess things required in this digital era.



Get your Business on top with the best Website Design Services.

A website is considered as the visual appearance of a company or brand. In this competitive era it is very important to compete with other brand physically as well as virtually.

Being competitive virtually means designing a website which attracts more traffic and offer a very impactful user experience. This can be done if the website developer is well known to the trends going on. And the techniques used by other competitors.

Developing a website is important but developing a website with an impactful user experience is like cherry on the top. For a business to grow one should be very particular with the design of the website. Carrying a thought in mind that if a website has visuals, images will make website better is very wrong. This is because these things are important but if these things are used in a haphazard manner can cause great loss. So these things should be used wisely with other things which are important too like headings, good content etc.

So, in order to attract good amount of traffic on your website it is imperative to keep the below things in mind to enhance user experience:-


People these days are very witty and clever. Looking at a picture on the web they are easily able to recognize it when they see it somewhere else. This is stock photography. In layman language when a picture or image is used several times for professional or commercial purposes.

The web designer should make sure that he doesn’t use images which are a part of stock photography because people today spend their entire time on the internet and they quickly get to know about if something is being repeated.

So, to ensure a good user experience one should be very particular with choosing images i.e. he/she should try to go for images which haven’t been used anywhere. This is because stocked images lead to a very poor connection between the user and the company.



An effecting use of headings is very imperative in order to convey the required information to the users. Your heading should be such that it clearly states what your content and company is about. It should be a short description of what your content or point is about.

This is because all the people visiting the website might not read the entire content and just read the headings so as to make their decisions.

So, it is very important that the headings convey proper message and also are well designed because search engines also weigh headings more as compared to the content.



Being responsive means designing your website in such a way that it is easily accessible on all kinds of platforms like mobile phone, tablets etc. People today are very habitual to their phones and find using it easy as compared to laptops or computers. So, when they are in search of something they use their phones.

Thus the designer should make sure that the entire website gets easily loaded in phones so as to provide its users a better experience or else they will switch to some other website which is mobile friendly.

And recently Google scrutinized all website that was nor mobile friendly and responsive. So, in order to ward off from such inspections it should be kept in mind that the website that is being developed is mobile friendly and responsive.



Research is important. Basically research here means visiting all top website and paying attention as to how they have designed their websites, what kind of tools are used by them, the kind of fonts, colour combinations, images etc. This will help the developer get to know about loopholes in his website and what can be the possible means to alter it.

Not only this will help him make his website better but will also help him as to how it feels when accessing a particular website and then the required things can be incorporated by him in his website.



To enhance user experience it is very essential that one’s website is updated appropriate and fresh content. This is because unique and fresh content help make good connection between the user and the brand. Not only this, a website which keeps its content new got a very good rank among popular search engines. A good rank helps the website become easily discoverable and people start relying on them.

A good content will also help users find answers to their questions and then they will access the website more frequently thus contributing to success of the company.



People like fancy things and get fantasized when they see them. So another way to enhance user experience is making use of visuals. Visuals can be a very innovative way to keep the user occupied with the website and if used and selected properly can also help increase the stay time of the users on the website. Visuals can be made more attractive by use of sounds or some other interesting things.



Once the user had gone through the entire website he might look for the contact details in order to take the further step.

For e.g. if a person is thinking for buying a product online from a local website, he will first go through the entire website to make himself sure of the authenticity and then when he is satisfied with the website and likes it he will obviously go for buying the product for which he has been looking through. For this he will search for the contact information of the store so as to become more sure about the quality of the product.

So it is very important that the contact information like phone numbers, email address should be easily visible and noticeable. In other words the user should not go for searching for it in the entire website.


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In today’s era of technology people choose internet for kinds of work like shopping, money transfer, studying etc. So, for a business to gain the market share it is very important that it possesses a website which can be accessed when people are in need of something.

A business regardless of its size should have a website to make sure it has a visual presence.

A website should be such that it leaves a very good impact on the viewers visiting it and they are forced to buy something. This can be done by incorporating all the elements which are necessary so as to enhance the user experience. These elements are important because these are the very basic things a website should have and also they determine the position of the business. It also helps determine rank in popular search engines.

So, in order to come in the eyes of people or target customer these elements should be incorporated:-


As stated by a study about 86 percent people go through the reviews of the people to get to know more about the local business. Remember to hold a separate place for reviews so people can go through them and there’s.

A review plays a vital role in deciding whether a customer will generate loss or profit. The reason being people get very accustomed with the reviews and start to rely on them.

Another way to ease peoples work from adding a review is to add a plug-in which can be used for this purpose. One can also opt for taking third party’s help for this purpose like Facebook and Yelp.

Also one should always keep in mind, to keep the reviews updated and thus proper training can be given to the employees for this purpose. The training should be such that it becomes easy for them to gather the information from the customers about their services or products.


Now a days customer expects a lot from the business. Similarly they expect a very visually appealing website which offers an interactive user experience. This can be done by using good pictures, admiring videos and a very good responsive website design.

One can incorporate picture which clearly defines the product and helps business distinguish its product from those of its competitors.


One should keep in mind to remove all sorts of barrier to purchase. In simple words it is important to have a geographical location but at the same time the businessman should keep in mind to have a website which offers purchase facility. This can be done by adding a shopping cart to website with the help of PayPal which offers online ordering facility.

This will help business make profits even when the customers could not make to the store.


Keeping the website updated with content helps win trust of the customer. One doesn’t has to update all the webpage but a certain page has to be maintained periodically.

This can be done by including a separate page which displays the upcoming events like workshops, new products and services etc. This proves that the business is flourishing and helps gain rank in search engine optimization ranking.

Google also ranks those website which keep their content updated and fresh.


One should always be very particular regarding displaying the contact information. Even if the business does not have a physical location adding up the phone number, email address, operating hours can help your customer come in contact with you when in need.

This will also help them enquire for things which they are unaware of and hence they might become generators of profit for your business.


To let the people make aware about what your business is about remember to add a page which describes completely of what the business is about and what does it deal with.

This page basically comprises about the objective of the company, principles, history etc. To make it look more attractive and to enhance it one can opt for putting pictures of the office, employees, board of directors and some pictures of the products the company is dealing in.




We all are familiar with the fact that there has been an immense shift to mobile phones for all sorts of internet activities. This brings out a point as to how to design an effective mobile responsive design. Every company is in the favour of this idea of responsive design but fails to apply it. It is very important to design a website which can be easily accessible on all platforms. In order to be in par with others in the market it is essential to avoid mistakes relating to an effective mobile responsive website.

Here are some common mistakes which companies make while designing a mobile responsive design.


Many companies don’t work on their speed. They only rely on making a responsive design but sometimes they forget to concentrate on the speed of their website. Low speed leads to the visitors switching to other websites hence decreasing traffic on the website.

In order to optimize the speed one has to make the size of the images smaller and compress the pages. If this is done properly it will enhance user experience and will help attract more visitors.


A most common mistake which companies makes when designing a responsive website is that the call to action button is either too small or sometimes too large. The problem is that it doesn’t fit to the screen of the users who are accessing it through a mobile device. The developer should always keep in mind that the size of the call button should be such that it fits to all screens and is easily clickable.


Another common mistake which brand makes is that they carry in their mind that the UI and UX design which has been made for a desktop design will also work for the mobile website. But this is not what actually happens. One has to redo the design of UX and UI in order to offer a better user experience to its visitors.


Often the developers of the website think that if they keep their font small they can incorporate more copy. This might sometimes be true but not always. One has to be sure that keeping the fonts too small will not be readable if the user is trying to access it through phones and they will not accept whatever one is offering.

So, in order to maintain a proper amount of traffic the fonts used should be readable by the public on all platforms.


The developer should be very cautious about the size of the ad which will be displayed when a user accesses the website through mobile phones. One should see that the ad displayed is not too giant that it keeps the viewer wandering for the close button or “x” symbol so as to close the ad.

One should also see that avoiding ad is not the solution to this as it helps the company earn. So the solution to this is that the ad should be the size of the mobile in order to retain visitor’s attention.


Often developers choose to keep a separate URL for the mobile site and separate for the desktop site. This might work but not always. Browsers might not route properly and might lead to some other site. This will compel the user to switch to some other website.


After you are done with your responsive website design make sure you get it checked by your customers. This checking or monitoring will help you find out the mistakes in your design and will also let you know about the scope of improvement.


Companies spend lots of money in getting a very beautiful and attractive website designed by its developers. And in this they forget that the ranking of their website doesn’t depend upon how the website looks but on the quality of the content.

One should always keep the site updated with fresh content as to maintain a good rank among search engines.




Good design increases your conversion rates, boosts the performance of your business.

Responsive website design might sound complicated but is a very easy concept. It basically means a website design which is compatible both with the desktop and mobiles or tablets. One might think why is this important?
The answer to this is quite simple that people today are very addicted to their phones. They use their phones for all sorts of work like online shopping, surfing, net banking and what not. So a website design which is compatible with phones and tablets will make their work easier.
A business who is trying to gain a share in the market can be benefitted from this as its customer can deal with them through online media. And also if a business offers services which saves the time of its consumers will no doubt grow and expand easily then those who does not care about the needs and wants of the customers.
Below are some of the benefits of why a responsive website design is important for a business:
As specified by a report of SimilarWeb most of the traffic to top websites is from mobile phones. So it is very important to have a website design which is responsive. People these days are very busy and thus have no time to sit in front of their laptops or computers to access a particular website and they choose their phones to serve this purpose. A responsive website design will make the website look better on phones.

Designing a responsive website less expensive then designing a separate website for mobile phones. Obviously one will have to make two websites one for mobiles and the other one will be a normal website. This will require time and money as well.
So the best way to save time is to design a website compatible with all means.

Maintaining a single thing is easy than maintaining two things. So if one goes for a website different for mobiles and one different for other platforms will have the headache of maintaining both. Maintenance here means doing the required testing and other things that are important. But if one has a responsive website design will be freed from this headache as there is only one site which has to be checked.

Studies reveal that the visitors have a habit of switching to other web pages if it takes more then three seconds to load. This can affect a websites’ traffic immensely. So it’s’ better to have a webpage which is optimised both for mobile phones and tablets and in turn your viewers will not get irritated.

A responsive web design provides flexibility i.e. a particular website can be viewed in all kinds of screen resolution without any problems. Also the image in the website gets easily adjusted according to the screen resolution.

A responsive website design can help you increase your rank in search engines. Having a responsive website design will make you focus on managing a single website rather then maintaining multiple websites. And hence one does not has to worry about SEO for both the websites.
Content plays a vital part role in SEO. If the content which you release on your website is fresh and unique from that of others it will help you get a good ranking. So, one should always be careful with his/her content and should keep on updating it in regular intervals to maintain the SEO rank.

A responsive website design will help you be in par with your competitors. It is very important to know the strength, weaknesses and strategies of you competitors to help your business grow.
If a competitor has a website design which is responsive and yours is not responsive you will be suffering a great deal of loss.

A responsive website design helps your viewers have a good site experience. In simple words if a user is accessing a particular website on his phone he will enjoy the way the website is viewed and if he finds it very good it will increase the probability that he might view it again.

These days HTML5 is very popular for providing offline browsing. All the mobile phones and tablets have this HTML5 installed in them. The benefit is that a user can access the website and its content even if there is no internet connection.

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